Sharing My Beauty Product Storage Spaces

It’s always fun to peek inside beauty bloggers’ medicine cabinets and gawk at their skin care collections. So I thought I’d share mine here, along with pics of my makeup “workstation” (AKA our second bathroom) and the products I use in the shower.

The inside of our medicine cabinet, revealed:

If I got Lasik I could free up some space in the cabinet for more stuff…. 😛

Of course I staged the cabinet for the photo…but this truly isn’t all that far off from what it *really* looks like. The three masks in jars usually sit on a shelf above our toilet because they take up so much space in the cabinet (and I can’t close the door all the way on the Aztec Secret jar). My husband literally only has three products, which live on one side of the bottom shelf, so I took them out for this photo. For all intents and purposes the cabinet might as well be 100% mine. (And in case you’re wondering, we do brush our teeth—our toothbrushes and toothpaste sit in a holder on the counter!)

While our medicine cabinet is nothing fancy, I’m thrilled to even HAVE storage space in the bathroom. Our master bathroom actually has a freaking closet, which is a massive change from our last apartment in Brooklyn. In that place, our bathroom was tiny and had no storage space—or even the type of walls you could install shelves on. So I had to get creative in storing my beauty products there. Our current storage situation is a thousand times better! I store sheet masks, facial wipes, and my stash of unopened beauty products in the closet. I like to try to finish up what’s in the medicine cabinet before busting into the new stuff, but that doesn’t always happen.

Makeup Workstation

We’re also fortunate to have a second full bathroom in our place here in DC. When we first moved into this place I put all of my makeup in my vanity table’s drawers in our bedroom. I ended up moving everything to the second bathroom because I often found myself grabbing handfuls of makeup and taking them to the bathroom to apply. The vanity table is beautiful but not that practical; I can’t get my knees under the low middle drawer so it’s hard to get close enough to the mirror to do detailed work like a cat eye.

Anyway…the second bathroom vanity has two drawers, and I’ve filled both with my makeup. I like to think I do a pretty good job of keeping them organized. I use jewelry boxes and old Birchboxes to help compartmentalize inside each drawer.

The top drawer holds basically all kinds of makeup except for lip products and brushes:

You can see down into the bottom drawer from the top drawer.

And the bottom drawer holds lip products, including plenty of samples.

My makeup brushes and various other products live in jars on the counter for easy access:

Step Into My Shower

Our shower has two shelves in one corner, so I got a caddy for additional storage space. All of the products pictured are mine—again, my husband has like three products in the shower so I didn’t photograph them.

Mostly shampoo & conditioner, plus a couple facial cleaners and scrubs

I don’t have nearly as many products in the shower as I do in the medicine cabinet and closet. That’s probably partly due to the fact that the skin on my body is very sensitive so I stick with one body wash and then sometimes use the Alba scrub on my chest because I get occasional pimples there (sexy). If my skin could handle scented products I’m sure I’d have few more interesting items in there.

Shower gel, body scrub, and two facial peels

And that’s it! I hope you’ve enjoyed this look into my beauty product collection and how I organize everything. Neat freak here: I like to keep things tidy, and everything has its place. When I’m finished using a product, it goes right back where it came from. My parents had a cleaning service come every other week when I was a kid, and I did not like it. My stuff would end up all over the place when they were done cleaning and I’d rearrange everything the way I wanted it after they left. First world problems for sure…but I’m also probably mildly OCD.

What’s your beauty product organization like? Do you keep it nice and neat or do you put things back every which way?