A little about me: I’ve been writing nearly my entire life. As a young, shy introvert I’d hole myself up in my room and write stories using colorful pens in notebooks with fuzzy kittens or magical unicorns on the cover and pastel-colored paper inside; my closet was bursting with boxes filled with these notebooks.

Now that I’m slightly more grown up, my writing merely takes up space on my laptop and in far corners of the Internet. I very much enjoy sharing bits and pieces of my daily life here.

Some fun facts about me, in list form:

  • I like making lists (duh).
  • Cat lady here: my husband and I said goodbye to our two wonderful cats, Walter and Zoe, within the past year. But we adopted two lovely, super affectionate shelter cats, Cheddar and Linus. I’ve also volunteered with a couple cat rescue organizations.
  • I’m 42 years old. So I’m old enough to remember that my parents had an 8-track player in the car and at least one rotary phone in the house when I was young. I also remember when airplanes used to have smoking and non-smoking sections, because airlines allowed smoking (GROSS).
  • I sometimes eat pizza or nachos for breakfast.
  • Corollary to the immediate bullet above: if I eat a meal that excludes cheese, I crave it at my next meal.
  • All horror movies entertain me, even the really terrible ones.
  • I truly enjoy plucking my eyebrows.
  • In grad school for forensic psychology, I wrote my master’s thesis on the lighthearted topic of classifying postmortem behaviors in serial homicide. #SSDGM
  • My husband and I moved to Washington DC in 2017 after living in NYC for more than 15 years, and I love the change.
  • My pronouns are she/her/hers

Oh, and if you’re so inclined, you can also find me over on my geeky orchid blog, Brooklyn Orchids or at sarahheiman.com

Thanks for reading,

Sarah (aka “Herman”)