Milk Makeup Bestselling Minis

A couple weeks ago, Sephora offered Rouge members early access to some holiday 2018 sets! I’m currently a Rouge member but likely won’t qualify next year, so I wanted to take advantage while I could. I decided to order the Milk Makeup Meet the Fam Bestsellers Set, ($39), which includes seven travel-friendly minis.

Milk Makeup Meet the Fam Bestselling Minis Set

The set is a GREAT deal—the minis average $5.57 each but if you were to buy these minis individually they’d cost $14 apiece (though the mascara mini is $12). The total value is $108! And you get a cute, glittery zipper bag, too. I think this set would make a great holiday gift for beauty-loving friends…or for yourself, duh.

Milk Makeup Meet the Fam Bestselling Minis Set | Holiday 2018

I have a mini of the Highlighter in Lit from my September 2016 Birchbox, but that’s the only Milk Makeup product I had tried. The highlighter is great, so I was looking forward to trying more from the brand. I did buy a full sized Kush mascara during the recent Beauty Insider event but I haven’t opened it yet. (I’m currently using another mascara and I don’t like to open more than one or two tubes at a time.)

Each mini comes with a little plastic cap covering the product, which is good for sanitary reasons. However, me and my monster hands had trouble removing the cap from some of the products without damaging their pristine surfaces. So that’s why some of the minis look damaged in the below photos.

Milk Makeup Meet the Fam Bestselling Minis
Clockwise from top left: Cooling Water Under-Eye De-Puffer Stick, Blur Stick Matte Primer, Watermelon Brightening Serum, Lip + Cheek, Highlighter, Holographic Highlighter Stick. Kush Mascara.
The Skin Care

The set includes three skin care minis: Cooling Water Under-Eye De-Puffer Stick, Watermelon Brightening Serum, and Blur Stick Matte Primer. I guess primer might qualify as makeup, but I sometimes like to wear a blurring primer without makeup over it.

Cooling Stick, Watermelon Stick, Blur Stick

The Cooling Water stick feels briefly refreshing when I swipe it on under my eyes. I often wake up with puffy eyes so it’s a nice thing to use first thing in the morning. I apply it and then by the time I’ve finished eating breakfast my undereyes are a little less puffy. I do wish the cooling effect lasted longer, though. I’d say I only feel it for 15 seconds, tops.

I expected the Watermelon Brightening Serum to smell like its namesake fruit, but it doesn’t smell like anything to me. The stick is a little harder than the eye stick, so it drags a bit when swiping it onto the skin. It may just take a few more uses for it to soften up. I won’t be using this regularly because I just started my skin care experiment with Osmosis products, but it’ll be good for travel.

The Blur Stick also drags a little on the skin. Now that I look at the instructions, you’re supposed to warm the stick with your finger and then swipe it onto your skin. I’ll try that next time and see if it helps reduce the drag. The primer does indeed do a decent job of blurring pores, but I think Tatcha’s Silk Canvas gives better blur. Though the stick appears tinted, it goes on clear. The stick is also supposed to “banish oily spots” so this seems like a good thing to carry in your purse if you have oily skin (which I don’t).

The Makeup

The three makeup minis included in the set are: Lip + Cheek in Werk, Highlighter in Lit, and Holographic Highlighter Stick in Supernova.

Holographic Highlighter, Highlighter, Lip + Cheek

The Holographic Highlighter is SO pretty. It’s a light, opalescent lavender that apparently contains meteorite powder. So it’s literally out of this world! The stick also contains twilight pearls, which helps explain that luminescence. The stick melts into the skin upon application. This is going to be a really fun product to use for party looks!

The Highlighter in Lit is already one of my favorite highlighter samples that I’ve received in a subscription box. I haven’t gotten anywhere near finishing the one I got a couple years ago. It’s probably expired, so I’m glad that I have a fresh stick. The Highlighter also melts into the skin and has a lovely coconut scent. The light champagne color should work well with a range of skin tones.

I was excited to try the Lip + Cheek in Werk because I always appreciate a multipurpose product. This stick is very creamy and pigmented. Just a couple small swipes on the cheek are enough to give me a pretty, natural-looking flush once I blend the product out. The shade is a little light for my lips—it’s basically just a hair lighter than my natural lip color. It’s not a bad lip color for me by any means, but I’ll use this more for my cheeks than for my lips. It’s another great product to keep in your purse for those times when you look like a corpse and need a little pick-me-up.

Below are sunlit swatches of the three makeup sticks (I didn’t swatch the skin care sticks because they go on clear):

Top to bottom: Supernova, Lit, Werk
Final Thoughts

Overall I’m pleased with the Milk Makeup Meet the Fam set! It’s always fun to try new products, and it’s even better when they come in cute, portable stick form. These sticks are SO good for travel, though I wouldn’t recommend leaving them in your car. I’m sure they’d melt into a mess in the summer and freeze rock solid in the winter.

Have you tried Milk Makeup products and if so, what do you think of them?