I live in Washington, DC now! Because I’m still in unpacking mode I’m just doing a quick “five things I love about our new apartment” post. The majority of these elements are standard for apartments outside of NYC, but because I lived there for fifteen years I usually didn’t have any of these things.

1. Two full bathrooms! Seriously, this is such a big deal to me. I’ve only had one bathroom per apartment for the past fifteen years! I’m having fun setting both bathrooms up and picking out accessories for them.  🙂


2. Private Deck: our apartment has a lovely deck with two sets of sliding glass doors. We will definitely be making use of this as the weather starts to warm up…and we’re going to try to grow some veggies out there, too!


3. Built-In Bookshelves: this is one of the features that drew my attention to the apartment when we first looked at photos of the listing online. The shelves are at the top of the stairs in the loft. The shelf space is about the same as the wall of shelves that we had in our old apartment (which you may remember from photos in my Stitch Fix reviews), so we were able to sell those shelves and move less shit! Score! Organizing these shelves is going to be a BIIIIIG project for me.


4. Washer and Dryer: in NYC I never had the ability to do laundry in my own home, so this is another big deal for me! We’re on our fourth full day in DC and I’ve already done so many loads, just because I can. The novelty will definitely wear off, but for now it’s still exciting.


5. Dishwasher: another bonus feature. We had a mini dishwasher in our Park Slope apartment, but when we moved to Windsor Terrace our place didn’t have one. A lot less washing by hand for me!