So Haul-Heavy These Days

Whole Foods occasionally holds an impossible-to-resist 25% off body care sale. This past Saturday I remembered that the sale was in progress, so I hightailed it on over to my local store.

Whole Foods last held one of these sales in October, and of course I stocked up on a bunch of stuff back then. I bought some of the same products this time around‚ÄĒthese sales are THE BEST time to replenish the things my husband and I use regularly! In fact, everything in this weekend’s haul was a repurchase except for one item.

What I bought:
  • Andalou Naturals¬†Instant Lift & Firm Marula Oil & Purple Clay Mask Pod (x2): $3.69 regular // $2.77 sale
  • Tom’s of Maine Whole Care Toothpaste: $4.49 regular // $3.37 sale
  • Derma-E Hydrating Eye Cream: $19.99 regular // $14.99 sale
  • 365 Fragrance Free Shower Gel: $7.99 regular // $5.99 sale
  • Every Man Jack Shaving Cream:¬†$7.99 regular // $5.99 sale
  • EO Everyone Body Lotion, Unscented:¬†$5.99 regular // $4.49 sale
  • Andalou Naturals¬†Instant Luminous Clay Mask (x2):¬†$3.69 regular // $2.77 sale
  • Dr. Bronner‚Äôs Pure-Castile Soap Bar, Unscented (x2):¬†$3.49 regular // $2.62 sale

The only new product I picked up is the Derma-E eye cream. I’m running low on my current eye cream (Andalou Naturals Luminous Eye Serum) and I want to try something different next. My under-eyes have been a little dry lately so maybe the Derma-E cream will help!

The shaving cream and the soap bars are for my husband, and we share the toothpaste. But everything else is for me! My legs don’t get too itchy when I use the 365 shower gel and the EO unscented lotion so I’m sticking with those unless I start getting itchy again. The skin on my legs is so freaking sensitive…

The damage was $54.08, so we saved $17.05 with this sale.¬†That’s pretty damn good for all of these products!

Did you buy anything during the Whole Foods sale this weekend? If so, did you go hogwild on new stuff or did you stick to your tried-and-true products?