1. Summer means beach time, which I don’t usually get much of. Last weekend my husband ran down to Coney Island and I took the subway (I don’t run) down there to meet him for breakfast at Tom’s Coney Island. After we ate we took our shoes off and strolled along the beach, which was already filling up with people and tons of colorful umbrellas. We plan to do a proper beach day with swimsuits, sunblock, towels, and all sometime soon, but even popping by for a bit still makes for a nice escape from the city. Bonus: Coney Island is only about 40 minutes door to door on the subway from our new apartment!


2. Lay’s “Do Us A Flavor” Chips! I’ve written about our love for new chip flavors before, and every year when Lay’s releases the four flavor finalists I always try to get them so we can taste them. The Walgreen’s down the street from our apartment has all four flavors but I only got two: Kettle Cooked Greektown Gyro and Wavy West Coast Truffle Fries. The two I didn’t get are Southern Biscuits and Gravy and New York Reuben. I definitely like the truffle fries flavor better than the gyro, probably because the gyro has a vague meaty flavor and I’m not much of a meat fan. I would buy the truffle fries again but would skip the gyro.

photo 2

3. Cucina Antica Tuscany Pumpkin Pasta Sauce: I bought this awhile back at Whole Foods and didn’t crack it open until recently…and it is AMAZING. The sauce is a really nice blend of pumpkin and tomato, which may sound like an odd combination but it works really well. My husband took one bite and asked if there was cream in the sauce and lo and behold, cream is listed as an ingredient. No wonder it’s so good! Because of the cream this will not be a regular purchase for us, but it’ll be a great treat once in awhile. Also, I really need to remember to read labels before I buy.  🙂Pumpkin_Sauce

4. Closetware Over-the-Door Pocket Shoe Organizer…repurposed as a bathroom organizer. One of my least favorite things about our new bathroom is the lack of storage space. The bathroom is small and its layout doesn’t leave room for wall shelving or any carts, drawers, bins, etc. on the floor. Seriously, I searched online for slim bathroom storage cabinets and even the slimmest of the slim wouldn’t quite work in there. I have WAY too many toiletries, and this bathroom is probably the worst part of our new apartment (for me, anyway). Hence my idea to get a pocket shoe organizer for the back of the door. I bought the organizer for about $15 at Bed Bath and Beyond, and so far so good.photo 1

5. Sunflowers! I took a stroll around my new neighborhood the other day to get the lay of the land, and I kept coming across beautiful sunflowers. You can’t tell from the pic, but the stalk of the one of the top left was around eight feet tall and the flower itself was probably about the size of my head! These flowers make for such a cheerful walk around Windsor Terrace.photo-81