The Gifts I Received

Happy New Year! I am very much looking forward to finding out what 2020 has in store. 2019 was rough at times, though it certainly had its highlights. I wanted to share the holiday gifts that I received; the bulk of gifts from my mom are items that I asked for. Check ’em out…

Holiday gifts

From My Mom
Local Eclectic earrings
Local Eclectic Labradorite stud earrings
Local Eclectic opal ear cuff
Local Eclectic opal ear cuff
From My Sister:
  • Serial Killers Big Kid’s Coloring Book: I mentioned this fun surprise in an earlier Friday Five. My sis sure knows my taste!

Serial Killer Coloring Book

From Amazon Using a Gift Card [all links below are paid links]:

My interest in tarot was sparked very recently when I was watching the first season of Hellier. I received an Amazon gift card from my father-in-law for the holidays and decided to treat myself to more tarot stuff! So I picked out four books and two more decks:

Tarot Cards and Books

[all links below are paid links]

I hope your New Year’s Eve was fun. Cheers to a fresh start, and good vibes for the year to come!