Paranormal Investigations, Tarot, Snapped

1. Hellier: I had heard of this documentary but only recently found it on Amazon and started watching it this week. I blew through season one and now am in season two! The on-site investigations are eerie and the synchronicities are kind of blowing my mind. I’m always a fan of weird coincidences, so throw a whole bunch of those in with a paranormal investigation and I’m here for it. Sorry (not really sorry) if this poster wigs you out.


2. Exploring Tarot Using Radiant Rider-Waite Deck and Book Set [paid link]: since I was about 10 or 11, I’ve been interested in the occult and paranormal. I feel like I had a fleeting interest in tarot many years ago but never actually got into it. When I saw the Hellier folks use tarot cards in their show, it sparked something in me. So I ordered this classic deck and book set from Amazon and have begun to delve into learning how to read the cards. Something tells me this could get addictive…I’m already Pinning other decks I’d like to try.

Radient Rider-Waite Tarot set

3. Snapped Highlighter: who else is such a sucker sometimes?! When I saw Bitter Lace Beauty post this “snapped” blood splatter-flecked highlighter on sale for $5, I promptly ordered it. I knew I wanted to have it just as a collector’s item. I had never ordered from the brand before and didn’t realize that the highlighter is just the pan—you can order a compact separately. That’s on me for not reading the full product page (though they do kinda bury that detail a little farther down on the page). Ah well, it’s still a cute makeup item for a Murderino such as myself!

Blood Splatter Highlighter

4. GlamGlow Eyeboost Reviving Eye Mask [paid link]: I bought a three-pack of these superhero-looking masks during the Sephora Holiday Bonus because HOW COULD I NOT. I opened up the first one earlier this week and felt like a badass walking around with it on. The mask felt soothing and refreshing!

GLAMGLOW Eyeboost Eye Mask

5. Impeachment Santa: on Wednesday morning I walked over to the Capitol Building to see what was going on outside. Why? Because it was the historic day of the House impeachment debate and vote! And I came upon an impeachment rally, where I found this Santa with a naughty list of those getting impeachment in their stockings. Now Trump has officially been impeached (YAY!), though we know he won’t actually be removed. But it’s nice to get out there and see people taking a stand.

Impeachment Santa