The Rise of Skywalker poster
The Rise of Skywalker, Middleburg, and more

1. The Rise of Skywalker: seeing the latest Star Wars movie around Christmas has become a tradition in our household. We went to see the final installment on Christmas Day—it’s the perfect way to entertain ourselves when everything else is closed. I didn’t love this movie as much as The Last Jedi, but I was still entertained. I’m not enough of a Star Wars geek to be able to pick apart this and that, but I did have some quibbles. Overall, though, not a bad way to spend two and a half hours on Christmas.

The Rise of Skywalker poster

2. The Red Fox Inn & Tavern: John and I just got back from a few days in Middleburg, Virginia. We went there a couple years ago and stayed at Salamander Resort; this time we stayed at a historic inn. It’s actually on the National Register of Historic Places…the inn was founded around 1728! We stayed in the main building, pictured below. I’ll do a separate post about our trip, but I had to share this photo of our cute home away from home for a few days!

Red Fox Inn

3. Stranger Things Holiday Sweater: I went to a friend’s holiday party last weekend and wanted to wear an ugly sweater to it. When I went to Target to look for one, this Stranger Things sweater basically jumped into my cart. Target lists it as a men’s sweater, but, I mean, what is gender anyway. IMO, this sweater isn’t ugly at all; I actually think it’s super cute. I wore it to my friend’s party and then again on Christmas to go see Star Wars. And TBH I’ll probably wear it more this winter, even though Christmas has passed.

Stranger Things Holiday Sweater

4. MasqueBar Reindeer Calming Sheet Mask: I found this sheet mask while on a Target run in St. Louis over Thanksgiving. Of course I packed it in my toiletry bag for our mini holiday getaway and used it on Christmas morning! The animal print masks always look a little creepier than cute, but they’re still fun to use. I kind of want to get the rest of their holiday sheet masks too!

Reindeer Sheet Mask

5. Serial Killers Big Kid’s Coloring Book: look what my sister sent me as a holiday gift! She knows my taste so well, haha! I’m going to have fun coloring in this book. And it’ll give me some educational fodder, because I haven’t heard of some of the people inside (or the lady on the cover).

Serial Killer Coloring Book