Glamlite Ghost Face Palette
Spooky Season in Full Swing

1. Ghost Face Lives Palette x Glamlite: I had heard of Glamlite before but had never ordered from this indie brand until I heard that they were releasing a Ghost Face palette. Scream was the first horror movie I saw in the theater, back in my freshman year of college, and I loved it! So I had to get my hands on this palette. It costs $32 and contains 15 cool-toned eyeshadows in a variety of finishes. These shades are SO up my alley. I haven’t even tried them yet because I don’t want to ruin their perfection!

Glamlite Ghost Face Palette

2. Nalls Produce: for the past few years we’ve been doing our pumpkin decor shopping at Nalls, a produce vendor in Alexandria, VA. They have a huge selection of pumpkin types, shapes, colors, and size. It’s a real wonderland for pumpkin fans! We also like buying locally produced grocery items from their market. And of course, I couldn’t leave without posing for a photo in front of their adorable pumpkin wall. (BTW, I’m wearing this ghost shirt from Old Navy).

Nalls Produce 2023

3. Graveyard Wanders Candles: I’ve been following this indie candle brand on IG for some time and recently placed my first order. I got the Pumpkin Patch three candle bundle, and I absolutely love each one. The candles smell amazing and are a perfect addition to our spooky decor. I will not burn them…they’re too cute!

Graveyard Wanders candles

4. Mummy Mug: while on one of my Target Halloween runs, I spotted one mummy mug left on the shelf and decided to get it. It’s so cute and only cost $5!

Target mummy mug

5. Trader Joe’s Teeny Tiny Apple Pies: if I’m not mistaken, these are new to TJs this year. I bought a box of them a few weeks ago, so I’m not sure if they are still available in stores. But if you see them, I do recommend them. We gobbled ours up pretty quickly. They’re super tasty fall treats!

TJs Teeny Tiny Apple Pies