Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew
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Fall + Outlet Fun

1. Starbucks Fall Items Have Arrived: this year, Starbucks released the good stuff on August 30. I went bright and early on August 31 to get my first Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew of the season. If memory serves, this was a new beverage last year. I’m happy it’s back because I love it! (I also love their pumpkin cream cheese muffin and pumpkin scone.) Don’t worry, I’ll get a Basic Bitch PSL sometime soon too.  🙂

Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew

2. Gucci Gorgeous Flora Eyeshadow Palette [affiliate link]: I totally forgot to post about this here, though I did post pics on IG. Look…I rarely spend $100+ on one beauty item. However, this stunning limited edition palette totally spoke to me. So I decided to splurge. You can see photos of the eyeshadow colors on my IG post; they are gorgeous as advertised. Had I not liked the shades, I wouldn’t have bought the palette. I actually haven’t even swatched the shadows yet because they’re almost too pretty to touch! I’ll get to them at some point, though.

Gucci Gorgeous Flora Eyeshadow Palette

3. Crocs & Jibbitz: sooooo I recently learned that Crocs are…trendy now? And that there are shoe charms called Jibbitz that you can decorate your Crocs with? What?! I had never considered buying Crocs until last week when John and I went to a local outlet mall. They had a Crocs store, and having heard about this phenomenon on a couple different podcasts, I decided to go check them out. I ended up buying a turquoise pair of Crocs along with six Jibbitz to start. So far? I have to admit that Crocs are really comfy. And there are a million different types of Jibbitz (along with tons of off-brand ones on Amazon and Etsy) so you can personalize your Crocs however you like. Um…so fun! I’ve already gotten a couple sets of shoe charms from Amazon that I’ll share at a later date. But here was my initial decoration scheme:

Crocs + Jibbitz
Grogu, cats, pumpkins, pizza, and a turtle sum up my personality well.

4. Samsonite Eco Advance Medium Spinner: my main purpose for going to the outlet mall was to find a medium sized luggage. I went to Macy’s last week and had major sticker shock when browsing…we’re talking $400 minimum for a piece of freaking luggage. When I discovered that the outlet mall near us has a Samsonite store I decided to check it out, and they were already running a Labor Day sale. So I got this teal luggage made of recycled material for under $200. Which felt like a total steal after checking out the Macy’s selection!

Samsonite Eco Advance Medium Spinner

5. Banana Republic Aureus + Argent Earrings: when passing by the BR Factory store on our way out of the outlet mall I decided to make one last stop. And I ended up finding this super cute pair of what I believe are moonstone earrings that are totally my style. The sale tag says $14.99, which already felt like a good deal, but at the register they rang up for $5.99. I was shook, as the kids say.

BR Aureus + Argent earrings