Mini Lip set
Give Me More Lip 2019 Goodies

One of the items I bought during the Sephora holiday bonus was the Sephora Favorites Give Me More Lip Set. The regular price of this mini lip product set was $42, but with the discount I spent $33.60. The set doesn’t appear to be available any longer, so I’m glad I snagged it when I did!

Sephora Give Me More Lip Set

I believe this set went on sale after I bought it (of course), but it’s still a good value for what I spent, considering the fact that full sized Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are $34—just a hair more than I spent on the whole set.

Look at the super cute glittery pink interior of the package:

Give Me More Lip 2019

Inside the Set

The set contained four balms/glosses and four lipsticks [all links below are paid links]:

most of the Give Me More Lip products

As you might have noticed in the above photo, two of the products are missing. That’s because I brought the Laneige lip mask and the Inc.redible rollerball home with me over Thanksgiving and gave them to my sister. I still have a ton left in the full sized Laneige lip mask that I bought last year (frankly, I don’t love it as much as I love the Bite Agave Lip Mask). And I gave my sis the rollerball gloss because I just didn’t need another clear gloss.

Let’s peek at these colors!

Give Me More Lip colors
Milk Makeup, Fresh, Too Faced, Fenty, Charlotte Tilbury

TBH, I’m really proud of this shot:

Mini Lip set

Swatch Time!

From top to bottom: Milk Makeup in Green Dragon (it’s faint but you can see it), Fresh in Rosé, Too Faced in Sex on the Peach, Fenty Beauty in Flamingo Acid, Charlotte Tilbury in Very Victoria, Sephora Collection in 96 Red Velvet.

Give Me More Lip 2019 swatches

Initial Impressions

The Kush balm is very soft, almost melty as you apply it. The balm leaves my lips shiny and moisturized, though it’s not heavy duty enough for me on winter nights. It’s nice for daytime, though. There’s a hint of a hemp-y scent, but I wouldn’t say it smells like weed.

Very Victoria is similar to Pillow Talk, which I love, but it’s more nude than pink. The shade is quite close to my natural lip color, so it’s one of those My Lips But Better lipsticks for me. SCORE!

I’ve used the Fresh Rosé tint in the past and it’s a really lovely sheer pink. Fresh tinted lip balms are some of my all-time favorites for when I want a hint of color without wearing actual lipstick.

The Too Faced lipstick has the brand’s signature candy peach scent. Sex on the Peach is a little muddy on me, but it might work with a gray or bronze smoky eye—something on the more dramatic side to balance the brown-nude lip. The formula feels comfortable; the consistency is similar to the Tilbury, maybe a just tad more hydrating.

The Fenty lipstick looks like my ideal bright pink. I haven’t tried this one on my lips just yet, but I feel more comfortable in a bright pink than in a red so this shade looks like a good one for me. That said, the Sephora Collection liquid lip looks like a really nice brick red and I’ll probably wear it to a holiday party this weekend. I have tried one of their liquid lips before and remember it being pretty good, and that’s coming from someone who’s not a big fan of liquid lipstick!

What a fun set…minis are the best! They’re great for travel, and let’s be honest, how often do you use up a full sized lipstick anyway? I rarely even use up minis! I do love the full sized Charlotte Tilbury, so I’ll get plenty of use out of that one.

Did you pick up this lip set before it sold out? If so, which product is your favorite?