If you follow my blog you may recall that I recently received my first haul from ColourPop. Within days of me placing that order, ColourPop released a 24-shade collection of what the brand is calling its first “true” lipstick, called Lux Lipstick.

Image credit: @colourpopcosmetics Instagram

Prior to the Lux Lipstick release I watched this swatching video on YouTube, and it totally sold me. The 24-shade range includes everything from nudes to reds to less conventional colors like lavender, black, and a gorgeous dark teal. The lipstick comes encased in a shiny rose gold tube etched with mini stars, and to sweeten the pot each lipstick bullet has stars stamped into the side. ColourPop claims that Lux Lipsticks are creamy-matte, longwearing, and highly pigmented—plus, they’re vegan and cruelty-free. And the best part? Each lipstick is $7. I repeat: Lux Lipsticks ARE JUST $7 APIECE.

As soon as I received an email that the lipsticks had dropped, I browsed through all the beautiful colors and after considering several shades (particularly Lay Over, LA Lady and Uno Mas), I settled on Lay Over.* I selected that shade—described as a medium rosy beige—because I guessed that it *might* be a dupe for Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipstick in Pillow Talk, which I love. Lay Over seemed to have a similar MLBB vibe as Pillow Talk, and I figured if I can get that look for literally less than a quarter of the price it would be a lipstick revelation.

My Lux Lipstick order arrived few days after my first ColourPop haul arrived and I tore into it right away. This lipstick is just as beautiful in person as it is online. Behold:

ColourPop Lux Lipstick in Lay Over
*googly eyes*

I’m very impressed with the premium quality and beautifully shiny appearance of the lipstick case. The lipstick case has weight to, it just like the more premium brands. The star-stamped lipstick bullet itself is so pretty that I was afraid to ruin it by using it! Though at $7 a pop, I could buy an extra just to admire and not feel bad spending the money.  😛

ColourPop Lux Lipstick in Lay Over
The color here looks lighter than the above pic due to the lighting.

First I swatched Lay Over on my arm and was quite impressed with how creamy and pigmented the lipstick is:

ColourPop Lux Lipstick Lay Over Swatch

When I tried the lipstick on my lips I was no less impressed with the creamy, matte rosy nude. I think I did a pretty good job of picking out a color for myself online, which can be difficult without testing the color on your hand.

Then came the comparison to Pillow Talk to see whether my guess about Lay Over being a dupe was on point. First, swatches (with slightly different lighting—it’s hard to achieve consistent lighting in my apartment!):

ColourPop Lay Over and Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk swatch comparison
Top: ColourPop Lux Lipstick in Lay Over. Bottom: Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk

As you can see, my hunch that Lay Over could be a Pillow Talk dupe was incorrect, though they’re not drastically different. Lay Over is actually MORE pigmented than Pillow Talk, and it has more brown in it. For the true test, let’s see how they compare on my lips. In the below pics, I’m wearing Pillow Talk on the left and Lay Over on the right.

Pillow Talk on the left, Lay Over on the right.

I realize the lighting is slightly different in these pics because of the distance I was standing from the window, but suffice to say, Lay Over is darker than Pillow Talk (which you see in the arm swatches). Formula-wise, Lay Over is creamier than Pillow Talk, which has a lighter feel. Both are gorgeous colors that I’m happy to wear!

Let’s talk texture: I find that so many matte lipsticks are quite drying. Lux Lipstick is more of what I’d call a semi-matte (demi-matte?), and it’s creamy enough to wear comfortably for hours. I wore Lay Over to the movies this past weekend and I was fine wearing it for three or four hours. I did reapply after a couple hours to re-moisturize my lips a tad, but the fact that I used the actual lipstick to do so instead of lip balm speaks highly for the product’s comfort factor. Often with matte lipsticks I’ll apply them and then start layering lip balm or gloss on top as my lips quickly start to dry out, defeating the purpose of the original product.

Overall, I’m very impressed with ColourPop Lux Lipstick! I have no idea how well the other colors perform—like if the reds or darker colors feather and bleed or how pigmented they are. But if they’re anything like Lay Over, they are a GREAT value for the ridiculously low price. I will likely purchase additional Lux Lipsticks at some point.

Have you gotten your hands on any Lux Lipsticks yet? If so, what colors did you get and what do you think of them?

*Lay Over is currently out of stock, as are most of the other Lux shades. ColourPop does restock as often as possible. I recommend following them on social media so you can stay informed about restocking!