Midsommar, Sephora Opening, Masks

1. Midsommar: THIS MOVIE IS SO WEIRD. AND I LOVE IT. I had heard that this was a great horror film but didn’t know anything about it going in (which I think is the way to do it). It’s by the same director as Hereditary, which I liked but didn’t love. The cinematography, color palette, and production design are SO beautiful, even when there’s something deeply disturbing going on. The visuals are very different from most horror movies. I totally want to watch this film again! I might make John watch it with me, haha. Midsommar is currently available on Amazon Prime.

Image Credit: A24

2. Sephora Georgetown Opening: my friend gave me a heads up that the Georgetown Sephora was relocating down the street and holding a grand opening event. They announced that they would give $20 gift cards to the first 100 people in line to get in, so my friend and I met there last Friday morning and got our gift cards! We didn’t stay too long but I bought a couple things…and they gave me a rather nice Sephora canvas tote with my purchase. For opening morning, they had a DJ, coffee, bagels, breakfast tacos, and more. I had never been to a Sephora opening before and it was so awesome to see a store full of fresh testers! The store is a lot bigger than the couple other DC Sephoras I’ve been to. If you’re in the area you should check it out!

Sephora Georgetown Opening

3. MasqueBar Holiday Sheet Masks: while browsing at CVS yesterday I spotted a display of holiday sheet masks. I enjoyed the reindeer mask that I used on Christmas so I bought another one, along with a polar bear mask and a mistletoe mask. They were three for $10, so why not?!

Holiday Sheet Masks

4. Postcards to Voters: sooooo we all know that despite the ongoing removal trial, Trump (unfortunately, UGH) won’t be removed from office. I’ve been thinking I want to do something to help out with this year’s election; I wouldn’t feel right if he got re-elected and I just sat on my ass retweeting negative things about him. I’ve seen people post about this Postcards to Voters program and recently decided to sign up. Basically, they give you voter addresses (Democrats only) and language to write out on postcards encouraging people to vote, and then you mail them. You have to buy or print the postcards yourself, and you’re also responsible for buying postcard stamps. I bought a pack of postcards on Amazon and my postcard stamps are on the way. I’ve received my first batch of addresses so I’ll be writing and mailing some postcards out soon!

Postards to Voters

5. Trader Joe’s For the Love of Chocolate Collection: you know I’m a sucker for holiday candy. So duh, I had to buy this super cute set of eight Valentine’s Day chocolates while on a TJs run this week. In addition to being adorable, they taste great!

Valentine Chocolates