Holiday decorations
Holiday Decor, Holiday Cocktails, and more

1. Holiday Decorations: okay, so I was raised Jewish and we never had a Christmas tree. I had a lot of fun decorating our place for Halloween and now that we own a home, I wanted it to look festive for the holidays. There was a menorah in my room at my parents’ house so I brought that back with me after Thanksgiving, and bought some candles for it at Target. I’m not super into the winter holidays but it’s nice to have some cute decor around. And Linus approves.

Holiday decorations

2. Mini Christmas Tree: I bought a little fake tree at Target and John and I trimmed it together one evening. We already had one ornament, and I bought Star Wars and Marvel mystery ornaments (we ended up with Han Solo and Groot!) from Target along with the leg lamp, mini glass ornaments, tree topper, and lights. I found a couple ornaments in my room at my parents’ house over Thanksgiving so I brought those back with me. I’m proud of our little tree!

Mini Christmas tree

3. Outdoor Holiday Decor: I didn’t go as nuts with the outside of our house as I did for Halloween. I bought this cute wreath at Target (similar to our Halloween wreath) and wrapped multicolored flashing LED lights around the stair railings. I found some LED faux taper candles at CVS so I put those in the front windows. Those lights glow more blue than I’d like, but oh well. We don’t have good trees or bushes to put lights on in our front yard, and I’m too lazy to figure out how to tack more lights up on our actual house. But at least we have something.  🙂

Holiday lights

4. Balsam Candle: I bought this candle from Brooklyn Candle Studio quite awhile ago but only started burning it this week. It smells amazing! It’s such a perfect scent to evoke holiday vibes. Plus, the matte black jar is gorgeous. Unfortunately, it’s no longer available but they do have similar scents.

Balsam candle

5. Tiki Santa: I had drinks with a friend last night at Archipelago, a tiki bar in the U Street area of DC. I had never been there before, but I picked the place because I read that they had holiday decor and holiday-themed cocktails. And boy, is this place doing it up! The holiday cocktails are all served in Christmas tiki barware. My friend’s drink, Sippin’ Santa, came in the cutest cup! You can buy the drinkware to take home. I’m kind of regretting not buying one of these for myself.

Santa tiki glass