April 2024 beauty empties
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Spring Beauty Empties

Happy May! I’m so excited that the weather finally feels more consistently springy, though we’ve already experienced a couple of hot, summery days. I’m looking forward to being able to do more weekend hikes!

In April, I emptied a bunch of beauty products‚ÄĒa couple of which were gifted and a couple of which were free gifts with purchases:

April 2024 beauty empties

I only used two sheet masks last month:

April 2024 sheet mask empties

Would I Repurchase?
  • Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water mini [affiliate link]: always great to have while traveling. I like to have a mini of this on hand specifically for that purpose.
  • Tatcha Hinoki Body Milk mini [affiliate link]: free gift with purchase from Tatcha. As with all Tatcha products, this body milk smells soooo good. This particular scent is kind of woodsy and herbal. It did not irritate my sensitive skin, and it felt luxurious to use. Would buy full sized.
  • Diptyque Geranium Odorata Eau de Toilette sample [affiliate link]: free gift with purchase from the brand. I really liked this scent and would consider purchasing in the future, though I don’t currently need any more fragrances.
  • Cocokind Vitamin C Glow Brightening Serum [gifted; affiliate link]: this serum felt nice to apply and did not irritate my skin. I didn’t feel like it had much of a brightening effect on me, so I don’t think I would buy it on my own. But I liked it enough to empty, and I really do appreciate the gift from Cocokind!
  • Cocokind Chlorophyll Mask [gifted; affiliate link]: this was a fun mask. It’s a green powder that you mix with water until it forms a paste, then apply to your face. I feel like this mask did a good job of clearing my pores, and I would purchase it on my own.
  • Osea White Algae Mask [affiliate link]: I love this mask. I’ve purchased it at least a couple times before, when it came in a plastic pump bottle. It makes my skin look glowy, and I would repurchase it.
  • Nutrafol Growth Activator Ashwagandha Exsosome Hair Serum [affiliate link]: I bought another bottle of this during the recent Sephora savings event. I think it helps prevent hair fallout, so I like using it in my routine.
  • N√©cessaire The Deodorant Gel Fragrance-Free [affiliate link]: this brand has gifted me products but I purchased this on my own. This deodorant doesn’t keep my pits from sweating when I get hot, but I do think it helps prevent stinkiness. I’ve already opened my next bottle of it.
  • Supergoop! Lipscreen Sheer SPF 30 [affiliate link]: a declutter. Did not like this lip balm at all. It didn’t feel moisturizing, and has a bad taste. Will not repurchase.
  • SK-II Facial Treatment Mask [affiliate link]: a Sephora rewards gift that I got with points. It’s always hard to tell if a sheet mask is any good after just one use, but I did like this one. These are expensive‚ÄĒaround $15-16 apiece‚ÄĒso I don’t think I’d buy them on my own.
  • Pure Altitude Edelweiss Fabric Mask: bought at the brand’s spa store in Meg√®ve on our vacation last fall. Unfortunately, I think I waited to long to try this mask because it was a little dried out by the time I used it. But I really liked the herbal smell and the serum was nice and creamy. I would buy it again if I find myself in France (or maybe order online), but would make sure to use it much sooner!

That’s it for my April beauty empties! I have the feeling I may not empty too many products in May, but we will see. Stay tuned…