I recently treated myself to some goodies from Sephora: the Bite Beauty Discovery Set ($55, valued at $110). If I’m being completely honest, part of the reason I ordered this set when I did was because Sephora also sent me a code for a free Ole Henrisksen VIB Deluxe Sample Set with a $35 purchase—a set very similar to “The Whole Truth” set that they sell for $46. So I got some extra bang for my buck.  🙂

Bite Beauty Discovery Set - SephoraI’ve been a fan of Bite Beauty ever since I received one of their lipsticks in Sephora’s Give Me More Lip sample extravaganza. I really appreciate that they use food grade ingredients in their products! I’ve also been using one of their butter cream lipsticks regularly and it’s just so lovely that I wanted to try more of their products. Enter: the Discovery Set.

The packaging is very cute and totally appropriate for holiday gifting, so that’s something to keep in mind as you put your gift list together for this year. Here are the products, unboxed and laid out in the same arrangement as they were packaged:

Bite Beauty Discovery Set - Sephora

The set includes the following:

  • 0.18 oz Agave Lip Mask in Clear (mini size)
  • 0.03 oz Line & Define Primer in Clear (mini size)
  • 0.031 oz Mini Matte Crème Lip Crayon in Glacé
  • 5 x Lush Lip Wipes
  • 0.15 oz Luminous Crème Lipstick in Pepper (full size)
  • 0.11 oz Lush Fruit Lip Gloss Honey (full size)
  • 0.09 oz High Pigment Pencil in Pomegranate (full size)
  • Bite mirror

That’s a pretty good amount of stuff for $55!

I tried on each of the colored products to show you here…please excuse my near-complete lack of makeup, as I was feeling too lazy to “put my face on” just for these photos. 😛

First up is the Luminous Crème Lipstick in Pepper:

Bite Beauty Luminous Crème Lipstick, Pepper

Bite Beauty Luminous Crème Lipstick, Pepper

Nothing about this color screams “pepper” to me so I wouldn’t say it’s named appropriately, but this lipstick is a very nice, natural pinky-brown shade that reminds me of another staple in my lip wardrobe, Nars Dolce Vita. I can definitely see myself wearing this one a lot.

Next up? The High Pigment Pencil in Pomegranate:

Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil, Pomegranate

This one’s a little bright for me, but I think the color works pretty well with my skin tone and it’ll be fun for a special occasion:

Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil, Pomegranate

Next is the Lush Fruit Lip Gloss in Honey:

Bite Beauty Lush Fruit Lip Gloss, Honey

The gloss is a good neutral shade that likely works well on many skin tones, though there’s a touch too much glitter in it for my personal taste. Due to the glitter I will probably only use this as a “going out” lip product.

Bite Beauty Lush Fruit Lip Gloss, Honey

Last but not least is the Mini Matte Crème Lip Crayon in Glacé:

Bite Beauty Mini Matte Crème Lip Crayon, Glacé

The color is a fairly neutral mauve that works well on me:

Bite Beauty Mini Matte Crème Lip Crayon, Glacé

I really liked the feel of each of these products on my lips. They’re creamy and moisturizing, and the lip gloss isn’t too sticky. They each have a nice fruity scent and the matte lip crayon in particular reminds me of how the 1980s Strawberry Shortcake dolls smelled. Nostalgia!

I swatched these lip colors on my arm like any good beauty blogger; from left to right they’re in the same order that I’ve written about them:

Bite Beauty Discovery Set swatches

I’m also quite excited about the Line & Define Primer in Clear, because as I’ve aged I’ve started finding that both brighter and darker lip colors bleed out into the fine lines around my lips, which looks like a hot freaking mess by the end of the night. To combat said hot mess, I’ve taken to using Urban Decay’s clear lip liner (color: Ozone) before applying bright or dark lipstick, and I’m looking forward to trying out Bite’s version as well!


I’m curious to try out the Agave Lip Mask—it’s not something I’d go out and buy on its own, but it’ll be fun to give it a shot. I do love facial masks so maybe this product will turn me on to lip masks too?  😛 The wipes will also come in handy after wearing the Pomegranate lip pencil or any other dark lipsticks in my stash.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t show you a photo of my free Ole Henriksen gift!


From left to right, that’s the Truth Serum Vitamin C Collagen Booster, the Pure Truth Melting Cleanser, and the Truth Crème Vitamin C Advanced Hydration. I’ve never used any Ole Henriksen products before so I’m also looking forward to trying these little guys out.

Have you used Bite Beauty products before? If so, which ones are your favorites?