1. Black Flamingo: My husband and I did a long-overdue date night last Friday and went to dinner at this new vegetarian/vegan taco joint in Williamsburg. And holy hell, were we impressed with the food!! My husband is a meat eater but he was totally into everything he ordered, as was I. I got three tacos: The Banh Mi, The Bibimbap, and The Seasonal (not pictured below—I was too excited to take photos of my food). YUM! I highly recommend this place for tacos (and cocktails too).

Photo from FreeWilliamsburg.com

2. Evan Healy Rose HydroSoul: I recently ran out of my Onurth Rose Hydrolat that I bought at a street fair this past spring, and while I really loved the product (best street fair find ever!) I wanted to buy something in-store and not have to pay an extra $7 for shipping. Enter Evan Healy’s version, which I found at the Gowanus Whole Foods for $24. The smell is a bit sweeter than the Onurth hydrolat, but so far so good.


3. Smitten Kitchen‘s Takeout Style Sesame Noodles with Cucumber: I made this recipe for dinner last night and it was SO GOOD. I sliced up some red bell pepper strips and threw those in there for some extra color and crunch. My photo does not do the dish justice, nor does it make it look nearly as yummy as SK’s photos do (seriously, she has the best food pics on her blog!). But it’s a very easy recipe to make and I recommend giving it a shot yourself.IMG_0143

4. The Cat’s Meow: I went to this Brooklyn pop-up cat cafe today and had so much fun playing with some new little furry friends! Newt, the petite lady on the upper left is so soft and loves head butts. Bobbles on the upper right is a “wobbly” cat, meaning she has cerebellar hypoplasia which is a neurological disorder that causes cats to wobble around unsteadily as they walk. She seems to have a fairly mild case, though, and she gets around really well and enjoys playing with the other cats. David, on the lower left, got all up in my ears and neck for some nuzzle time. And Prissy, on the bottom right, let me scratch her head for awhile. The Cat’s Meow is only around until October 24 so make a reservation and go give these kitties some love while you can!


5. Double Rainbow: I walked home from the cat cafe this afternoon and passed through Grand Army Plaza along the way….and  I spotted a beautiful double rainbow in the fountain! It’s the little things. 🙂