1. Kaldi’s Coffee: this is a popular coffee shop in St. Louis, and my mom had this bag of Cafe Kaldi grounds (a blend of African and Latin American beans) at home when I visited last month. I made coffee using these beans a couple times while I was there, and then my mom told me I could bring them back to NY with me because she rarely makes coffee at home. So I’ve been having this stuff every morning—I’m currently drinking it as I type—and it is delicious!IMG_0230

2. Wholly Guacamole Minis: I found these at my local grocery store a little while back, and I’m addicted. They’re perfect for when you’re feeling too lazy to make a batch of guacamole (which is most of the time). The ingredient list is short and pretty natural, so you can feel good about eating this guac because it’s not filled with preservatives. A pack of four single-serve guacs costs $3.99, and it’s totally worth it. Plus, each pack is 100 calories, so I suppose that’s good if you’re counting. Oh—and the most important thing…it tastes GREAT!  😛


3. MapMyWalk: even though I have a Fitbit, I love using this app to track walks that I take to work out on purpose. I like that it logs whatever route you take, and it tells you your pace as you go, how many calories you’ve burned, and more. The app has a lot of features that I don’t personally use but I’m sure are helpful if you’re interested, like voice commands and such. You can also sign up for challenges—I’m currently on the final day of the CW’s Fit in a Flash Challenge—to encourage more activity. Below is a screenshot from my walk log last Saturday when I went for a stroll in Prospect Park, got lost, and accidentally ended up walking 4.5 miles. I meant to walk around the lake…but I have no idea what happened. 😛


4. Sahale Sing Buri Cashews: this nut blend is apparently now known as Thai Cashews Glazed Mix, but whatever it’s called, it sure is yummy. The cashews are glazed with soy, sake, rice wine vinegar, and dried lemongrass and are mixed with peanuts, pineapple, and sesame seeds. Such a tasty little snack!


5. Cider Season! I love everything about fall, and cider is no exception. I spotted this jug of Zeigler’s Autumn Harvest Apple Cider at my grocery store the other day and it went into my basket immediately. I haven’t tried it just yet, but will be drinking some later today. I love cider cold, and I love cider warm. And I’m sure it would also be good spiked.  😛