Nalls Produce
Shopping for Pumpkins & more

1. Nalls Produce: last weekend we made a morning trip to this place to shop for pumpkins to decorate our stoop, as we did last year. We bought some nontraditional pumpkin colors and shapes, along with some fun gourds. Our stoop and yard aren’t that big so we have limited space to decorate, but I love picking out interesting pumpkins to display! We also bought a pack of apple cider donuts, which are absolutely delicious. Obviously, I couldn’t leave without taking photos by their pumpkin wall.

Nalls Produce

2. Youth to the People Kombucha + 10% AHA Liquid Exfoliant with Lactic Acid and Glycolic Acid [gifted; affiliate link]: thank you so much to YTTP for sending me another gift! This is a reformulated version of the liquid exfoliant; I haven’t tried the original formula so I won’t be able to compare the two. But I’m really looking forward to trying this once I get through a different exfoliant that I’m using. I’ve really been enjoying YTTP’s products, so I imagine this one will be good as well.

Youth to the People Kombucha Exfoliant

3. Mooncat Nail Polish: still drooling over this indie brand’s colors!! I bought three more shades, along with base and top coats. From left to right: Forbidden Cove; Beware, the Kraken (another magnetic polish); and Loch Ness. I’m currently wearing Forbidden Cove, which is the last of these three that I’ve tried. I love them all! The brand recently released a limited edition Hocus Pocus 2 collection, which is quite tempting….

Mooncat nail polishes

4. Mossy Carpet: after pumpkin shopping, we went on a hike nearby. Near the end, we encountered a section of the trail that had this beautiful mossy ground cover. It was like someone had come in and laid down a moss carpet. The rays of sun poking through the trees above lent the area a magical fairy forest vibe. LOVE.

Moss carpet

5. Trader Joe’s Mexican Style Hot Cocoa Melts: slow clap for this packaging design. How freaking cute is this pack of pumpkin hot cocoa bombs?! These are cinnamon flavored white chocolate pumpkins filled with milk chocolate drops and marshmallows. To prepare the drink, all you do is pour hot milk (or nondairy milk of your choice) over a melt in a mug. I haven’t even tried these yet but have already bought a second pack because I know I’ll want to cozy up with a mug of this beverage all winter long.

Trader Joe's Mexican Style Hot Cocoa Melts