Loungefly Sam Trick 'r Treat Backpack
More Spooky Season Goodies

1. Loungefly Trick ‘r Treat Sam Cosplay Mini Backpack: I learned about this backpack months ago, but Loungefly didn’t release it until late September. I made sure to set a calendar reminder for the launch date and time so I could get one; I’m glad I did because it appears to be sold out. This mini backpack is SO cute! This is my first Loungefly purchase, and I’m impressed with the quality and details. The lining inside has a Trick ‘r Treat pattern, and the zipper pull is Sam’s little candy weapon.  I’m so happy I managed to snag one. This will be fun to wear to SDCC next year*, or just during spooky season in general.

Loungefly Sam Trick 'r Treat Backpack2. Skeleton Hands Stemless Wine Glasses: I’ve had my eye on this Pottery Barn glassware collection for at least a couple years now. The collection is currently on sale, so I finally decided to order two of the stemless wine glasses (ignore the water spots on them…I didn’t bother to polish them before taking a pic). I’ve used these several times already! Bony fingers crossed I don’t break them.

Skeleton Hands Stemless Wine Glasses

3. Velvet Spirit Board Pillow: I ordered this CR Curious by Cynthia Rowley pillow from TJ Maxx, hoping that it would be good quality. And indeed it is! It’s very fluffy and soft. I did spot this pillow in-store after receiving mine in the mail, so it doesn’t seem to be a hard-to-find item. What a fun (and appropriately creepy) accent piece for spooky season.

Spirit Board Pillow

4. LED Backlit Orange Flickering Jack-O’-Lantern: last week I shared the LED ghost light that I got from Target. This time, I wanted to share the pumpkin version, seen in darker lighting. I got two of these, and they look super cool in the dark! Very happy with these so far.

LED Pumpkin Wall Light

5. Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Cheesecake Croissants: drooooool. These croissants come frozen and you bake them for 25-30 minutes, then let stand for 10 minutes. So they require a little planning before consumption. But oh, how worth it these croissants are!

Trader Joe's Pumpkin Cheesecake Croissants

*Ummmm, SDCC 2023 Returning Registration is on October 15! It feels like SDCC 2022 just ended, so I can’t believe it’s already almost time to try to buy badges!