First Snow of the Season, True Crime Reading, and more

1. First Snow: we had a bit of a surprise first snow of the season yesterday! The forecast called for a wintry mix, but I woke up to a dusting of snow covering the deck. The snow got heavy at times; we ended up with about an inch before the snow turned into an actual wintry mix. I do enjoy the first snow of the season, but I’m not into the snow that comes after that.

2. Fire Lover [paid link]: I heard about this true crime story on an episode of My Favorite Murder. When my father-in-law, a retired fire chief, heard I was interested in the story, he sent me this book by Joseph Wambaugh. I’ve started reading it and haven’t gotten too far just yet but it’s such a crazy and fascinating story!

3. Cypress Candle: Brooklyn Candle Studio recently released a limited edition Pink Disco soy candle collection. While I’m not super into pink, I still couldn’t resist the packaging! I ordered the cypress scent, which smells like Christmas trees. I’m excited to burn this candle and fill the apartment with its amazing fragrance.

4. Burt’s Bees Chai Tea Lip Balm [paid link]: another limited edition item that I couldn’t resist! Word on the street is there’s a pumpkin spice lip balm too. I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled but haven’t seen it in any of my local stores. But I was excited to find the chai lip balm at my CVS! I love a cup of chai, so this will be a nice change in lip balm scents for me (I generally stick to mint).

5. Bernie Chocolate: my friend was in town from Vermont last week and brought us some locally made goodies including this chocolate bar. The label made me laugh out loud for real! “Dark chocolate with a liberal amount of sea salt.” The producer is Nutty Steph’s, and the chocolate tastes great!