Pumpkin Wall at Nall's Produce
All Halloween Edition

1. Nall’s Produce: I first learned of this Alexandria spot via Instagram last year and thought it looked so cute. So I made it a point to finally go this year! We went last Sunday morning right after they opened and it was already starting to get busy by the time we left. So if you want to avoid crowds, go on a weekday or right at opening time if you need to go on a weekend. They had a TON of pumpkins for sale, with a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. We bought a bunch of medium sized pumpkins to display out front, along with a few small pumpkins and gourds for indoor decor. And I had to check out their infamous IG-worthy pumpkin wall, which is just so fun:

Pumpkin Wall at Nall's Produce

2. Wild Gorechid: Target came out with a super cute Ghoulish Garden collection under their Hyde and Eek brand this year. When I spotted this adorable spooky faux orchid on their website I had to have it! It wasn’t available for sale online, but fortunately an IG friend found them in store, bought me one, and shipped it to me! I’m forever grateful to her. Thank you, A! I’m not usually one for faux flowers, but there are very few things more on-brand for me than a spooky orchid. Look at those little snake faces!

Wild Gorechid from Target

3. Ghost Pumpkin Candles: when I received a newsletter from Brooklyn Candle Studio announcing their new limited edition Ghost Pumpkin scent, I ordered two candles immediately. These are also very on-brand for me.  🙂 This scent is sweet and spicy, and the toasted pumpkin note is subtle. It smells amazing! Brooklyn Candle Studio is always a good choice.

Brooklyn Candle Studio Ghost Pumpkin candles

4. Spooky Pumpkin Spirit Crystal Ball: while browsing Home Depot’s website for Halloween decor I came across this really cool piece. It was only $19.98, so I ordered it, and was pleasantly surprised by the quality when it arrived! This thing is pretty weighty for the affordable price. It doesn’t look cheap, either. The design is really detailed, and it’s fun to turn it on and watch the cloudy liquid swirl around inside the ball. Definitely a good purchase for spooky season decor.

Crystal Ball

5. Eek Street Halloween Wall Art: another cute Target purchase…and it only cost $5! This is a wall decal set that I put up in our entryway. I don’t love the spider and web, but I put them up anyway. This would be fun Halloween decor for a kid’s bedroom.

Eek Street Wall Decals