Possibly One of the Best Beauty Deals of the Year

Major sale alert, beauty geeks! Tarte is holding their custom kit sale today only on tarte.com. This post is not an ad…I’m just really excited about the deal and thought my readers might like to know about it!

Here’s how it works: pick one of three makeup bags, then customize its contents by choosing six full sized items…for only $63! The bag includes foundation, concealer, blush or highlighter or bronzer, lipstick or lip gloss, eyeliner, and mascara. It’s a $200 value. I mean…it practically doesn’t get any better than this. And to sweeten the pot, shipping is free!

One thing to note is that when you’re browsing through the available products for each category, you can scroll to the right to see more options. For example, at first I thought they were only offering four foundations, but there are more to choose from if you click the right arrow button. So. Many. Goodies!

Even though I have been trying not to spend much money on beauty products lately, a couple of amazing deals have popped up in the past day that I jumped on. I guess it’s okay, though…my birthday is next month so I can ask for beauty products as gifts rather than spending my own money on them. That’s how I’m rationalizing it, anyway.  😛

Will you be ordering a custom Tarte bag for yourself? Which products are you most excited about getting?