Spring in Full Swing

1. May Bullet Journal Spread: I can’t believe it’s May already…that means that I turn 40 next month. WHAT?! Anyway, I tried drawing some crystals freehand on my May monthly spread and they turned out…okay. Not too terrible for my first crystal-drawing effort, though!

2. Lilac Season: I heart lilacs so much!! I spotted this GORGEOUS lilac tree last week while walking to a friend’s house. It literally stopped me in my tracks, so of course I had to sniff it and snap a pic.

3. Annapolis, Maryland: last Saturday John and I drove about 45 minutes to meet friends in Annapolis for dinner. Neither of us had been there before, and it’s a really cute, historic town. Annapolis is the capital of Maryland and is also home to the US Naval Academy. The Maryland State House, pictured below, is the oldest state house in continuous legislative use in the US. It also served as the US Capitol Building for nearly a year in the late 1780s! I’d like to go back and explore the town some more, maybe do a ghost tour.  😛

4. Asian Noodle Salad with Broccoli Slaw & Creamy Peanut Sauce: I love a good peanut noodle salad! I found this recipe on a meal planning app called Mealime. I’ve now made a few recipes from the app and all have turned out pretty well, so I’m going to continue using it. The app makes meal planning and shopping very easy—and it’s free!

5. Cold Brew Season: the temperature really heated up this week (it hit 90 degrees on Wednesday and Thursday!) so the time to make cold brew coffee has already arrived. Awhile back, John brought this Grady’s Cold Brew Bean Bag [paid link] home from work and I finally busted it out this week. I’ve purchased Grady’s pre-made cold brew before but had never tried their bean bags. It’s super easy to make: add two cups of water to a container with the bean bag, press the bag with a spoon to make sure it’s soaked through, and refrigerate for at least twelve hours. Voilà: you now have three servings of cold brew coffee!