October Bullet Journal
Halloween Month!

1. October Bullet Journal Spread: I’m pretty happy with this month’s spread. My little drawings at the top turned out better than other months…except the pumpkin at the top kind of just looks like a striped orange butt, hah!

October Bullet Journal

2. Halloween Jack-o-Lantern Wreath: I’m absolutely in love with this adorable wreath I got from Target! Now that we’re homeowners we can decorate the front of our house for the holidays. This wreath makes me happy literally every time I see it. And at $20, it’s super affordable!

Target Halloween wreath

3. Dogfish Head Punkin Ale: while at Whole Foods recently I picked up the first six-pack of pumpkin beer that I saw. And this stuff is great! It’s not overly spiced or flavored. I want to try some other pumpkin brews, but I would buy this one again too. Bonus points for the absolutely adorable punk pumpkin band illustration on the label.

Dogfish Head Punkin Ale

4. New Lay’s Flavors: you know how much I love trying new chip flavors! The deep dish pizza bag speaks to my soul. And I do love fried pickles with ranch, so I obviously I bought those too. I haven’t actually tried either of these yet, but I will soon.

Lay's Deep Dish Pizza and Fried Pickles with Ranch

5. Yard Surprise: as new homeowners, we never know what’s going to pop up in our front or back yard. This plant began growing in our front yard awhile back, and I thought it might be a weed. Initially, I wanted to pull it. My restraint (I love pulling weeds) totally paid off: the plant is actually a hibiscus with beautiful pink blooms! Hooray!