1. Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena, California. My husband and I were just out in the LA area visiting his parents, and we paid a visit to this 120-year-old bookstore (no joke—it’s older than dirt!). This place has everything! There are a ton of books, obviously, but strategically placed throughout the store are gift items related to the nearby book sections. Plus, there’s a large stationary section that Ted Mosby would drool over for its calligraphy supplies. Here’s to another 120+ years!Vromans2. Homemade Kombucha. I’ve posted about making our first home-brewed batch of kombucha, and it turned out really nicely! The blueberry ginger flavor is super yummy and it’s a nice pretty pink color in a glass. This stuff looks like rosé wine! (And yes, that is indeed a Frankenstein mug in the background of this photo, in case you were wondering.)

kombucha3. Also on the topic of tea are DAVIDsTEA color changing mugs with stainless steel tea infusers. We received two of these mugs as a gift and we use them all the time with DAVIDsTEA loose teas. The infuser cup sits right down inside the mug and after you’ve poured hot water into the mug, you cover it with the ceramic lid to keep your tea nice and hot while it steeps. The lid doubles as a place to set the infuser after your tea is finished steeping. The extra fun thing about these particular mugs is that the dark blue portions of the design turn white when the mug heats up!

Davidsmug4. Binder clips have so many more uses than simply holding a stack of paper together. One use you may not have thought of? Use a binder clip as a toothpaste tube clamp! It’s especially useful for softer toothpaste tubes like Tom’s of Maine that don’t stay folded up on their own. You’ll be able to squeeze more out of your tube this way, too!

clip5. Indoor succulent gardens! During our visit to my in-laws this past weekend, I took a whole bunch of small cuttings of my mother-in-law’s succulents to bring home and attempt to propagate. I also bought a couple of mini succulents at the Union Square Greenmarket last Wednesday for planting (2 for $5!). We have a couple of small bonsai planters that I thought would serve well as succulent gardens, so I planted them the other day with my smattering of cuttings…we will see if I’m able to get these little guys to grow.