This morning, I woke up to a 25% off discount code for Groupon local deals in my inbox, so I started hunting around the website. I found a $20 Groupon for three HelloFresh veggie meals, meaning that with the discount the deal is only $15. That comes out to $2.50 per meal per person! Um, yes please! I ordered the deal right away and I’m looking forward to trying HelloFresh out. This dish is just one example of their veggie offerings:

Hello Fresh Courgette Linguine

HelloFresh is one of those food delivery services that are all the rage these days. Basically, it’s yet another subscription service where you sign up for meals to be delivered to you, usually on a weekly basis. Each delivery includes a box full of raw ingredients plus recipe cards so you can cook the meals on your own. What I love about these services is that they give you just the right amount of ingredients that you need for each recipe. So if you need a teaspoon of cilantro, or a quarter cup of rice wine vinegar, that’s what you get in your box—it’s really great for avoiding waste. Like…who uses an entire bunch of cilantro before it goes bad? Not I, that’s for sure.

We used to subscribe to Blue Apron and their recipes turned out great, but they use the delivery service LaserShip in the NYC area and LS is TERRIBLE. I’m not kidding: three out of the four last deliveries we ordered were fucked up. One box randomly showed up FOUR days after our chosen delivery date, one didn’t show at all, and one arrived the morning after our delivery date. So unfortunately, we had to cut the cord with Blue Apron. I don’t think the delivery issues are only with NYC and LaserShip; I have a friend in LA (where BA uses a different delivery partner) and she had similar problems with getting her deliveries.

Currently we’re using Plated, and we just got our third delivery from them this morning. Thus far the meals are just okay—we haven’t been as impressed with the recipes as we were with Blue Apron. The meals are sort of one note (maybe we’re just picking really boring ones? I dunno.). So when I saw the HelloFresh deal on Groupon this morning I figured, hey, why not give this service a shot too?

I should note that Groupon’s 25% off deal only goes through the end of today, so if you want to take advantage, do it ASAP! The coupon code is MARCH25 and you can use it for up to three different Groupon offers. I also got a picture framing deal and a massage deal. I know this sounds like I’m shilling for Groupon, but I honestly just wanted to share. Gotta love a good deal!  🙂

We’ll see how HelloFresh goes…I’ll definitely report back here.