1. US Capitol: we went down to DC for a few days this week (so we could get our new apartment keys!!). My husband had meetings on Monday and it was a beautiful day out, so I took a walk from the Navy Yard up to the Capitol. Despite everything that’s going on with the dumpster of deplorables administration, the buildings and monuments in our nation’s capitol remain an admirable sight to behold.


2. Box of Pops! We’ve started packing up our apartment, and I just thought this box of (mostly) Funko Pops! was a lot of fun. That’s all.


3. Teeling Whiskey: a friend went to Ireland last year and brought us back a couple mini bottles of whiskey from this Dublin distillery. I finally cracked them open (the less we have to move the better, right?  😛  ) and they were just what the doctor ordered during this stressful month.


4. Ditto: I finally caught one of these guys in Pokémon Go! Yes, I’m still playing…and I just hit level 25 the other day, BTW. This Pokémon was actually released in the app last November, but it took until now for me to catch one. Ditto disguises itself as other Pokémon—I thought I was after a Pidgey, but as soon as I caught it, it transformed into this cute purple blob. YAY!


5. Rabbit Ears Motel: while on vacation last fall we drove past this spot, with its iconic neon sign, on our way out of Steamboat Springs. When we passed the motel I texted my dad that we had found it—he’s been to Steamboat many times to ski. He recently returned there for another ski trip and stopped by the motel to pick up this cute keychain for us. Bun bun!