1. Logan: we went to the movies two Saturdays in a row! We never went to see movies on weekends in NYC—too much of a shitshow. We saw Logan at the Angelika Pop-Up at Union Market (cool theater, BTW) and holy shit, the movie was great. Ultra-violent and brutal, but in the best way.

2. Library of Congress: I’ve been wanting to do some sightseeing in my new city, so on Monday morning I walked down to the gorgeous main building of the Library of Congress and spent some time exploring. The architecture and all of the details are simply stunning. Bonus: it’s free to visit!

3. Cherry Blossom Socks: I love a good gift shop (I mean, who doesn’t?!) and I especially enjoy patronizing gift shops of cultural institutions that don’t charge an entry fee. So I made it a point to buy something at the Library of Congress gift shop—and found these adorable Socksmith cherry blossom socks for $10. Perfect.

4. Michel Design Works Orchids in Bloom Lotion: my mom sent me this pretty lotion that she found at the Missouri Botanical Garden’s gift shop during the orchid show. The lotion smells amazing! I’m totally going to use the box as a brush holder on top of my vanity.

5. Girl Scout S’mores: Some Girl Scouts set up a table outside my local supermarket a couple weekends ago, and of course I had to get a box of this year’s new cookie! I’m actually surprised they didn’t come up with a s’mores cookie earlier, considering how closely associated s’mores are with outdoor activities and campfires. I’ve somehow managed not to crack this box open yet because I’m still working on a box of Thin Mints! BTW, I’m getting a strong “Ilana from Broad City” vibe from the girl on the right.