Thor Love and Thunder
Movies & Spooky Season!

1. Thor: Love and Thunder: on Labor Day, I went to see a movie for the first time since December 2019!! We went to see Taika Watiti’s second Thor movie, which wasn’t as great as Thor: Ragnarok (my favorite Marvel movie). But it was still a lot of fun—the perfect choice for going back to the theater. Marvel movies are definitely best seen on the big screen, so I’m very happy that I finally returned (with mask firmly on…I still mask indoors).

Thor Love and Thunder

2. Nope: we rented this Jordan Peele horror flick over the weekend and really liked it. I wish we had seen this in the theater; I’m sure it would have been really cool to see on the big screen with theatrical quality sound. It’s tough to follow up a movie as phenomenal and near-perfect as the Oscar-winning Get Out (I also liked Us), but Nope was a solid third film from Mr. Peele. As with all of his films, the less you know going in, the better.

Nope movie poster

3. Horror Crocs Charms: last week I talked about my foray into Crocs and Jibbitz. Because I’m a horror movie fan, and also because we’re sliding into spooky season, I ordered a set of horror shoe charms from Amazon. I try not to order from Amazon much anymore, but sometimes it’s the best option. This set of 29 off-brand shoe charms cost $14.99, so they’re a lot more affordable than brand-name Jibbitz (which cost $5 each). A few of these are a little wonky looking, and I’m not sure what a couple of them are, but there are enough cute ones (particularly Beetlejuice, Jason, Leatherface, and Pennywise) that I’m happy to display on my Crocs this fall!

Horror shoe charms

4. Halloween Crocs Charms: oh, you thought I was finished talking about Crocs charms? Nope! I also ordered this Halloween set of off-brand charms from Amazon ($10.99 for a set of five). They’re really cute too! I mostly ordered the set for the PSL, but the jack-o-lantern and pumpkin pie are also pretty adorable.

Pumpkin spice shoe charms

5. Pumpking Imperial Pumpkin Ale: oh yes, I will be closing out this week’s Friday Five with a pumpkin beer that I spotted at Trader Joe’s! I’ve had this beer before and really like it. If you’re not into pumpkin pie spice, don’t even bother. My TJ’s hasn’t put out much pumpkin stuff yet, but it’s fun to find these things starting to trickle out.