1. Mid-Century Desk: my new desk from West Elm arrived yesterday, and I’m writing this post while sitting at it right now! Isn’t it beautiful? I’m going to have to make it a point to maintain that lovely white surface.

2. Get Out: we saw Jordan Peele’s critically acclaimed movie last weekend, and it was SO GREAT. I actually wish I hadn’t watched the trailer prior to seeing the film. As with most trailers it gave away too much, and I think this is one of those movies that would be better with truly surprising reveals. I highly recommend seeing this movie, and I also suggest you not watch the trailer beforehand if you’ve managed to avoid it thus far. Also, the irony of writing about this movie right after mentioning my beautiful white desk is not lost on me.  😛

3. Smoked Gouda Triscuits: new favorite cracker alert! These seriously taste just like smoked gouda. You can add smoke flavoring to basically anything and I’ll love it. YUMMMMMM.

4. H Street Whole Foods: we’re lucky to have moved in to our neighborhood just a couple weeks before a new Whole Foods opened up! I, along with probably a couple hundred other people, braved the cold weather on Wednesday morning to show up at 8:45am for the store’s official opening. I am totally in love with this display of locally grown mushrooms. I will be visiting this store A LOT. It’s a great addition to the neighborhood!

5. Sunrise Glow: we get direct Eastern exposure through one of our bedroom windows. Yesterday morning I got up as the sun was rising, and the glow hit our living room corner in such an amazing way that I had to snap a pic for posterity.