Rituel de Fille Ash and Ember Eye Soot
Makeup for a Cause, Cherry Blossoms, and more

1. Rituel de Fille: last week, a friend posted on Instagram about a new product launch with a cause. 100% of net proceeds from the launch are going to organizations dedicated to ending AAPI hate, discrimination, and violence. To raise money, this indie brand released two single-batch, limited edition shades of their Ash and Ember Eye Soot: Nightfall, a midnight blue, and Garland, a sparkly pink. I immediately added Nightfall to my cart, but I skipped Garland because I don’t like using pink on my eyes. I did decide to get a second shade, though: Cultist, a beautiful mushroomy shimmer. You can see more photos and swatches on my Instagram. These shades are both stunning, and Nightfall is for an important cause. Both limited edition shades sold out, so I’m happy I ordered when I did.

Rituel de Fille Ash and Ember Eye Soot

2. Cherry Blossom Season: for the second year in a row, I skipped visiting the Tidal Basin to view cherry blossoms. But we had perfect weather when the blossoms were at peak bloom, so I walked over to a local park that has a lot of cherry blossom trees and viewed the blooms there. The park wasn’t very crowded and people were wearing masks, so I felt okay about going. Definitely worth it!

Cherry blossom season

3. Petal Porch Parade: I’m not sure if this is a new thing because of the pandemic, but DC residents were encouraged to decorate their porches for cherry blossom season. I’m regretting not doing any decorating of my own, but I enjoy seeing other folks’ decorations when I go for walks around the neighborhood! It’s so cute and festive. And how adorable is this gaggle of pink flamingos at this house?!

Petal Porch Parade

4. Little Lady Orchid: I still have a bunch of orchids in bloom in my greenhouse, but this orchid is a little late to the party—it just started blooming last week. I bought this orchid at Trader Joe’s last February before the pandemic hit, and I’m loving the pretty flowers! They’re slightly fragrant, too. Always a bonus.

Little Lady orchid bloom

5. Homemade Pizza: a couple weekends ago I made a pizza dough using a recipe from a King Arthur Baking catalog that came in the mail recently (the recipe is similar to this one). The dough didn’t rise as much as I would have liked, but the pizza turned out pretty well on the grill! We’re going to grill pizza again this weekend, as long as the weather is nice enough.

Homemade pizza