Game of Thrones, Pokemon Movie, Earrings

Look at me, I’m back with a Friday Five!

1. Game of Thrones: I cannot believe it’s over. The abbreviated final season felt rushed, and I wasn’t ready for it to end. My initial reaction to the end was confusion. After processing, I feel somewhat satisfied. Look, a lot of people hated season eight. Was the series finale was perfect? Nope. Did it end the way I hoped? Not one bit. However, GoT has always been a surprising show, and I appreciate being surprised right up until the end. I think the creators did a decent job of bringing characters’ stories to a close. Decent isn’t spectacular, but I’m not going to rage about the ending—not when we have legit real-world issues to worry about. And we can always rewatch our favorite holy-shit moments.

Daenerys in the Game of Thrones series finale
Image credit: HBO

2. Pokémon Detective Pikachu: John and I saw this movie last weekend and it was cute. The story itself was very average, but the Pokémon were super adorable! The CGI was quite realistic and I totally wanted to pick Pikachu up and hug the little guy. And you truly cannot go wrong with Ryan Reynolds, though his voice will always signal Deadpool to me (which is a positive association). If you’re a Pokémon fan or have kids, this is some fun, light entertainment for you.

Pokémon Detective Pikachu poster from Legendary
Image Credit:

3. Anthropologie Earrings: I got three earlobe holes re-pierced six weeks ago—I had them pierced in college but let them close up years back. Now that the new piercings have healed I wanted to get some cute, dainty earrings to wear in them. This adorable set of seven pairs of earrings from Anthropologie fit the bill exactly! The set normally costs $58, but there was a promo code so I got it for $46.40. That’s less than $7 per pair! How cute are these?!

Dainty Earrings Set from Anthropologie

4. Sfoglina: after Detective Pikachu, John and I had dinner at the downtown DC location of this Italian pasta house. Can we take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this Buffalo Milk Mozzarella appetizer? The cheese came with English peas, mint, lemon confit, and edible flower petals. It tasted SO GOOD. My pasta, a goat cheese ravioli, was too salty, but everything else we had was delicious. In short? We’ll definitely return.

Mozzarella and Peas Appetizer at Sfoglina

5. Blooming Gardenia: we got this gardenia plant at Lowe’s last month and it hasn’t appeared to be thriving. However, the plant surprised me with two blooms this week! And they smell amazing! I love the smell of gardenia so much—I’d say it’s one of my favorite scents. I’m super thrilled that the plant is doing well enough to bloom. Hopefully I can continue to keep it happy.

Gardenia bloom in our back yard