Vaccine dose #2 selfie
Vaccine Dose Dos, Cherry Blossoms, and more

1. COVID-19 Vaccine Dose #2: I got my second shot this week! So in less than two weeks’ time from now, I’ll be fully vaccinated. I did not feel well the next day, but it’s important to get vaccinated. So, not feeling well for a day was worth it. I’m feeling very grateful that I was able to get my shots!

Vaccine dose #2 selfie

2. Rituel de Fille Eye Look: last weekend, I used my new Rituel de Fille Ash and Ember Eye Soots for a Zoom with friends. I used Cultist on my lids and Nightfall as a liner. I’m loving both of these shades so much! Next I’ll try Nightfall on my lids. Oooh, what a beautiful indigo it is.

Eye makeup look
No filter, spotty skin, this is me.

3. Pink Cherry Blossoms: the pink cherry blossom trees have been at peak bloom over the past week or two, a couple weeks behind the white cherry blossom trees. There are plenty of these dotted around my neighborhood, and I can’t stop myself from snapping (many) photos when I see them!

Pink cherry blossoms

4. TONYMOLY I’m Real Cherry Blossom Sheet Mask: because it’s cherry blossom season, I figured it was the perfect time to try this sheet mask! This mask had a really mild scent and just the right amount of serum. The material is a little stiff, but not so bad that you can’t work with it. The mask contains cherry blossom extract for brightening; I can’t say I saw any real brightening effect after one use, but I liked this mask and would try it again.

Tonymoly Cherry Blossom Brightening Mask

5. Lilac Season: it’s also time for lilacs to begin blooming. We have a potted lilac that we recently moved from our back yard up to our roof deck. This plant has only put out a couple sprays of blooms so far this year, but they are absolutely gorgeous. Look at that color!! The scent is quite mild for lilacs, but still so lovely.

Lilac blooms