First Friday Five in Months!

1. HBO Max: we used to have an HBO Now subscription but when HBO Max launched, our subscription magically switched over to the new version. And it’s currently one of my favorite streaming services! There’s a ton of quality content available, and they have a whole Turner Classic Movies* section with lots of great films. The TCM selections include 80s movies…I take umbrage at them being deemed “classic;” I grew up on those so that makes me feel old. That said, I’ve already added a ton of stuff to my to-watch list on HBO Max!


2. Perry Mason: an updated version of the classic series is now on HBO and its streaming service. I’ve actually never seen the original Perry Mason, but I really enjoyed this show. The cast is phenomenal, with Matthew Rhys in the titular role. He is just a powerhouse of an actor (if you haven’t watched The Americans, GET ON IT. It’s on Amazon Prime). The cast here is packed with familiar faces (Shea Wigham, Tatiana Maslany, John Lithgow, Lili Taylor, to name just a few), as well as some new-to-me talent (Chris Chalk, Veronica Falcón). I got some Boardwalk Empire vibes, which isn’t surprising given the era in which the show is set and the fact that some of the actors and behind-the-scenes folks are from Boardwalk. If you’re into crime, courtroom dramas, or period pieces, this show is for you.

Perry Mason
Image Credit: HBO

3. Pumpkin Spice Latte: IT’S BACK!!! Starbucks released their PSL and fall menu on August 25 this year…earlier than ever. Because of the pandemic I get almost everything delivered now, and have only had coffee made by someone else two or three times since March. So when I found out the PSL was coming out, I decided I would find a drive-thru Starbucks in the suburbs and treat myself. I got up early on Wednesday morning and drove to a drive-thru in Arlington, VA, where I safely got an iced PSL. I also bought two two pumpkin cream cheese muffins and two pumpkin scones to throw in the freezer for another time. It felt so good to drive myself somewhere to grab a treat! I’ll definitely do it again. (Also, I of course wore my face covering at the drive-thru window, as required. I’m not a monster.)


4. Sourdough Starter Crock: I recently got a sourdough starter, courtesy of a friend (more on that soon!). So I decided to order this storage crock from King Arthur Baking Company, and it just arrived. It’s super cute!

Sourdough starter crock

5. Coolhaus Bananas Foster Ice Cream: I bought this in a recent Fresh Direct grocery order (see above about getting almost everything delivered these days). Coolhaus is known for their ice cream sandwiches. Fresh Direct started carrying a couple items from the brand so I decided to try this flavor, and it’s delicious! Would buy again.

Coolhaus Bananas Foster ice cream

*Fun fact: my first Real Person Adult Job out of college was at TCM! It was a great place to work.