1. Dr. Jart+ Bright Rubber Lover Mask: after returning from vacation I wanted to do a face mask that would help brighten my skin, because it doesn’t take much sun to turn my dark spots even darker. So I chose this sheet mask from my Sephora VIB haul, which intrigued me mostly because of the creepy face on the packaging. And I rather liked this mask! I did a brief rundown of the two-step process on my @adventuresherman Instagram. At $12 it’s expensive for a single-use mask, but I’d repurchase if I could get it at a discount again.

2. Sephora Collection Argan Hand Mask: this mask came in the Sephora Collection Holy Sheet mask set that I received as a holiday gift. My hands are sensitive and get irritated very easily, so I was a little nervous to try this mask out. The set comes with two papery gloves that you wear for 15 minutes and then massage the excess product into your skin afterward. The outside of the gloves aren’t gooey, so your hands are still somewhat functional while wearing them. I’m happy to report that the product didn’t irritate my skin, but I didn’t like the sticky feeling I was left with after massaging the rest of it in. I can’t say I see any anti-aging effects after one use, which is no surprise.

3. Doritos Blaze: I give zero fucks about football, but I watched the Super Bowl for the commercials. The Peter Dinklage ad for Doritos Blaze was one of my favorite ads of the night, so when I saw the chips at Walgreens the next day I bought a bag (I’m so impressionable! But also, I like chips). These are pretty good—not my new favorite chip by any means, but tasty. They have the kind of heat that sneaks up on you, but for me they weren’t too hot. I prefer cheesy chips over spicy chips so I probably won’t buy these again, but I’m glad I tried them.

4. THIS SUNRISE: I had to get up early one day this week and we happened to have the most beautiful sunrise that morning! Instead of giving off that typical golden hour effect, it actually emitted a rose golden hue, which you can see in this Instagram selfie. I am so thrilled that I was up early enough to experience the sunrise that day!

5. Vivera Retainers: I grind my teeth at night, and there’s no way to prevent myself from doing so. However, tooth grinders can wear a night guard to protect teeth from wear and tear. I used a standard night guard for many years but stopped wearing it because it’s so bulky and uncomfortable. It made me drool a lot, too. I know…very sexy. Anyway, when I recently went to the dentist for a checkup I talked to him about other options and he suggested Vivera retainers, from the makers of Invisalign. So I decided to get those, and while they are expensive, the price included four full sets (upper and lower), so they should last me for quite a long time. So far they are WAY more comfortable than a typical night guard. We’ll see how they hold up over time.