Small Sephora haul
Sephora & Tarte Mini Hauls

Sephora recently offered $20 off purchases of $100 or more, so I decided to order a few things. Prior to that, Tarte held a 30% off sale, so I took advantage and placed an order for a couple items from their website. I’ve already posted about these mini hauls on my Instagram, but I figured why not also write a post combining them here.

Small Sephora haul
Mini Sephora haul

The Sephora Goodies

Pictured above are all the items I got in my Sephora delivery. As usual when Sephora has a discount, I went through multiple iterations of my cart before finalizing my order. Here’s what I settled on:

  • Supergoop! PLAY Everyday Lotion SPF 50 with Sunflower Extract: John actually uses this! I love it too but am really into my Elta MD SPF these days. Consistent SPF use is all about finding one you like wearing.
  • Briogeo Be Gentle, Be Kind Aloe + Oat Milk Ultra Soothing Fragrance-free Hypoallergenic Shampoo: I was excited to see that this brand released a fragrance-free line. I’m super picky about fragrance in hair and body care, so I wanted to try the shampoo out. And the brand is owned by a Black woman, which so many beauty fans (myself included) didn’t know until a few months ago.
  • Fenty Beauty Slip Shine Sheer Shiny Lipstick in Vamps Who Brunch: I had this in my cart for awhile and finally bought it; check out more pics below. If you didn’t know, Fenty is also owned by a Black woman: singer/actress/all-the-things Rihanna. Her brand revolutionized the makeup industry when it released a 40-shade (now 50-shade) foundation line in 2017. She recently also launched a skin care line, Fenty Skin (which I have yet to try).
  • Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Coconut Oil Micro-exfoliating Scalp Scrub Shampoo: I got a mini of this in this year’s Sephora birthday gift, and I really liked it. So I decided to buy it full sized.
  • Nécessaire The Body Wash, Fragrance Free: I see influencers rave about this brand and once I learned they had a fragrance free body wash, I had to get one for myself. I’ll try it out after I empty my current body wash.
The Fenty Lip

This is my first Slip Shine, but it won’t be my last. I had my eye on two other shades from this line as well (Makeout Break and Retro Rose), but I decided to start with Vamps Who Brunch. This shade is described as plum with blue iridescence, and it is gorgeous:

Fenty Beauty Slip Shine Lipstick in Vamps Who Brunch

Look at that sparkle!

Fenty Vamps Who Brunch lipstick

The formula is sheer, shiny, and quite hydrating. I’ll be wearing this color a lot this fall (even though it’ll just be for Zooms).

The Tarte Haul

I haven’t paid much attention to Tarte lately, but a 30% off sale definitely made me give the brand some love.  😛  I only ordered two items, one of which was a set:

  • Cozy Kitten Color Collection
  • #remixnatural Eyeshadow Palette

Mini Tarte haul

The set contains:

  • a super cute sequined makeup bag
  • travel-size Maneater voluptuous mascara
  • glide & go buttery lipstick in rosy view
  • deluxe maneater liquid eyeliner

Tarte Cozy Kitten Color Collection

Rosy View is a really lovely lipstick shade:

Tarte glide & go buttery lipstick in Rosy View

I have yet to try the mascara or eyeliner because honestly I’ve just been too lazy. But I’ll get to them soon! Someday when it’s safe to go to events again, I’ll use the makeup bag as a dressy clutch.

The Palette

The #remixnatural Eyeshadow Palette is way outside my comfort zone. The neon packaging is very 80s-cute, and some of the shades are brighter than I usually go for. Ultimately, I decided to add something different to my makeup collection.

Tarte #remixnatural palette

The shades inside look positively muted in comparison to the neon exterior. The bright pink “Happening” is the most intense color in the palette:

Inside #remixnatural palette

Here are swatches on my arm:

#remixnatural swatches
Top to bottom: This Is It, All In, Go For It, You Can, Happening, Hustle, Ambitious, Risktaker

I’ve played with most of the shades for Zooms with friends (Zooms With Friends, a new sitcom coming to NBC this fall? LOL). You can see a couple of the looks I’ve created here and here. I’ve mostly used my (clean) fingers to pat the darker shades onto my eyelids and that helps minimize fallout. Then I use a brush to blend. I don’t usually go for pinks on my eyes, but I do like patting a bit of Happening in the center of the lid over Hustle.

I’m still not wearing makeup that often, but I hadn’t bought much of it in months so I figured why not treat myself?

Please continue to stay safe by staying home as much as possible, washing your hands, and wearing a mask! We’re all in this together, and these measures will help prevent COVID-19 from spreading to vulnerable people in your community.