Spring has Sprung at FabFitFun

My Spring FabFitFun box finally arrived this week, and it’s chock full o’ goodies! I received eight full sized beauty and lifestyle products with a total value of $271.99….for $49.99. I mean…come on. Up front, I want to point out that this post is not sponsored, but it does contain referral links to FabFitFun. So if you sign up for your own subscription using my links here, you’ll get $10 off your first box and I’ll receive a $15 credit to spend with FabFitFun!

I did make a few product selections when box customization opened up, but it was awhile ago so I didn’t even remember what I picked. Only after looking through the FabiFitFun magazine that comes in the box did I figure out which items I had selected. So overall my box was a surprise, which is my favorite thing about subscription boxes!

The Lifestyle Products

Now that we’ve got the housekeeping stuff out of the way, let’s jump right in to the products I received. First up is the Sip by S’well bottle ($19.99 value), which is insulated to keep drinks hot or cold. In my opinion, you can’t have enough reusable water bottles. Our planet is a wreck, and carrying a reusable bottle instead of buying bottled water is a good eco-friendly change to make. And I love the cheery lime green color of this bottle. I’ll use this all the time!

The second lifestyle product is the Unplug Meditation Aromatherapy Diffuser ($55 value), one of the items that I chose. The diffuser actually came at the perfect time, because I just signed up for a mindfulness based stress reduction course that will involve meditation. Unplug has a subscription-based app, which I probably won’t sign up for…at least not until I get through my course. But I’m loving this cute little diffuser. It came with a “Happy” orange essential oil, which has uplifting vibes. When you turn the diffuser on it cycles through different colored lights. It’s very soothing; I could sit and watch the colors change all day.

The final lifestyle product, another that I chose during customization, is thisworks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray ($29 value). I truly suck at falling asleep, so this spray is just what the doctor ordered. I’ve used this a few times so far and I do think it helps calm me a bit when I lie down for bed. The spray contains lavender, vetivert, and chamomile to help calm and soothe you into sleep. It smells lovely and I’m enjoying using it thus far.

The Skin Care Products

As a skin care nut, I was excited to see so many skin care products in this box! First up is the Tula Purifying Face Cleanser ($28 value). Beauty Instagram seems to love this brand, so I’m thrilled that FabFitFun included one of their products. The cleanser smells amazing—it reminds me of something that I can’t quite put my finger on. Maybe a perfume or some other kind of beauty product from high school? Whatever it is, it makes me happy, which means it’s a joy to use. The cleanser contains probiotics, a trendy ingredient in skin care right now. The probiotics hydrate skin and lock in moisture. It also contains anti-inflammatory ingredients (chicory root, turmeric) and antioxidants (blueberry). I’ve used this cleanser a few times now and I’m really liking it. It does a good job of removing makeup without drying me out. Two thumbs up!

Another exciting skin care product is Korres Wild Rose Vitamin C Brightening Sleeping Facial ($48 value). I chose this over sunglasses or a picnic set. Hard to say no to more skin care! Korres has been around for awhile but it’s not a brand I see a ton of people talk about on Instagram. I do love rose in skin care and I’m all about that brightening life, so I can’t wait to try this sleeping mask out!

Below is a texture shot of the sleeping facial. So creamy! In addition to vitamin C it contains turmeric extract and hyaluronic acid. I’ll definitely be testing the product out this weekend.

Next is the Dr. Brandt Needles No More® No More Baggage Eye De-Puffing Gel ($42 value). Phew, that name is a mouthful! I’m almost out of the Dr. Brandt Neck Sculpting Cream that the brand kindly gifted me and I’ll be reviewing that soon. I’m happy to be able to try another product from this line! This gel is peach-colored to help color correct dark circles. And it’s not an eye cream—it actually goes over eye cream once that has absorbed. This gel has a cooling sensation upon application, which feels refreshing. I don’t have terrible dark circles or bags under my eyes (I know, annoying humblebrag), but I do feel a bit of tightening when I apply this product. The gel does not mix well with my Tatcha Pearl eye treatment, but maybe it’ll do better with a different concealer. This is a pretty unique product!

The final skin care product is Manna Kadar Champagne Body Scrub ($24 value). The scrub comes in a generous 18.34 oz tub and contains charcoal and dead sea minerals to cleanse and refresh skin. I’m always a little afraid to try body care products because my body skin is so sensitive. I have two main criteria: 1) it can’t irritate my skin, and 2) I have to like the scent. I’m happy to say that this product checks both boxes! And bonus points for not leaving an oily mess in the shower the way some scrubs do. I’m not sure where the champagne comes in with this product; in my opinion it smells a little fruity. Maybe like strawberry Starburst. Whatever the scent is, I like it.

Take a gander at this luscious charcoal scrub texture:

The Hair Care Product

Finally, the hair care: Ouai Leave In Conditioner ($26 value). I’ve received a couple Ouai samples from other beauty boxes and haven’t loved the scent. And unfortunately, I feel the same way about the scent of this leave in conditioner…I actually think it gave me a headache both times I used it. I do like a leave in conditioner for my super fine hair, but I’m not going to use something that literally makes my head hurt. It’s just overly perfume-y for my taste. I’m giving this product to a friend, so at least it won’t go to waste!

Final Thoughts

I’m super happy with my Spring FabFitFun box overall! The hair product was a dud for me, but everything else I’ve tried so far has been great. I feel like I absolutely got my money’s worth with this season’s box. I’m excited to try meditating while the little Unplug gadget does its thing, and the S’well water bottle is going to get a lot of use this spring and summer. When I try to pick a favorite item from this box, I can’t decide! That’s when you know it’s good. 🙂

What’s your favorite item from your Spring FabFitFun box?

More About FabFitFun

FabFitFun is a seasonal lifestyle subscription box. Each quarterly shipment contains a mix of beauty, fitness, fashion, home, and wellness products. The boxes contain approximately eight FULL SIZED products valued at $200+, with the option to add discounted items to your shipment. Members have the option of customizing at least two or three of the items in each box.

Each seasonal box costs $49.99 including shipping in the continental US. Shipping costs $8 for subscribers in Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. If you use my referral link, you’ll get $10 off your first box (**Disclosure alert! I’ll get a $15 credit to FabFitFun if you sign up using my link**). If you’re ready to go all in, you can shave $5 off the price of each box by pre-paying a full year’s subscription for $179.99. Annual members receive Select status, which offers early shipping and extra box customization, among other perks. If you stick with the regular seasonal membership, FFF will bill you $49.99 quarterly when your box is about to ship.

NOTEFabFitFun seasonal subscriptions auto-renew, so if you decide you’re done, you must cancel before your next billing date or you’ll get charged for the upcoming box.

There’s a lot of information about how FabFitFun works on their Membership FAQ page. In between seasonal boxes, they offer Editor’s Boxes and special one-off boxes. The website also has a ton of giveaways and exclusive offers for members, plus FabFitFun TV with videos on fitness, cooking, and more. If you’re ready to sign up, click here.