A Brightening Eye Treatment

Luxe beauty brand Tatcha released The Pearl Tinted Eye Illuminating Treatment ($48) earlier this year and I immediately started hearing great things about it. Though I don’t typically have major dark circles under my eyes, the idea of a brightening eye treatment was still appealing…so of course I bought it.

The Pearl comes housed in the most gorgeous purple screw-top jar EVER:

Tatcha The Pearl Underlight & Eye Treatment
Shell not included.

One more packaging porn pic for good measure:

Tatcha The Pearl
Tatcha KILLS it with the packaging
Peek at The Pearl

I ordered the shade Moonlight, the lightest of three options. When I first opened my utterly beautiful pearly jar, the product color looked like it would be too dark on my fair skin. But the treatment magically lightens as you work it into your skin. They do currently only offer three shades and I’m not sure how well the darkest of the three would work on deeper skin tones. Hopefully Tatcha will add more shades in the future.

Tatcha The Pearl Moonlight
The Pearl in “Moonlight”
Using The Pearl

I’m not gonna lie: application is tricky to get right. The instructions are as follows: Smooth a rice-grain amount of treatment under each eye, like applying a moisturizer. Once evenly applied, pat gently to set the color as you would apply a concealer.

Sounds pretty straightforward, right? Well, I’ve found it difficult to get the right amount of product each time. If you use too much, it goes on patchy and becomes hard to smooth out. After playing around with The Pearl for a few weeks, my advice is to think of it like salting food while cooking; you can always add more, but you can’t take it away if you start off with too much.

Tatcha has a very helpful video demonstrating proper application—I highly recommend watching it before trying to use The Pearl. I wish I had thought to watch a video before trying this product out myself!

Even more helpful than a video would be a small tool for scooping out the proper amount of product. The Silk Canvas (which I have and love) comes with a small disc that helps you measure the right amount each time, so my suggestion for Tatcha is to include something similar with The Pearl.

All that being said, The Pearl’s brightening effect is LEGIT. So I think learning how to use the product is worth the effort. Check me out with the treatment under my right eye but not my left:

Crazy post shower brows and The Pearl under my right eye only (left side of the pic).

Yes, The Pearl is expensive. However, you only use a rice-grain size of product underneath each eye—so this jar is going to last me a very long time. After using this product somewhat regularly for about a month I’m still dipping into the product stuck to the top inside the lid and haven’t even gone into the jar itself yet!

Have you tried The Pearl yet? If so, have you mastered the application technique?