As I age I become even more interested in skin care, but I haven’t bothered to write a post about my morning and nighttime skin care routines…until now. My routines evolve fairly frequently, what with seasonal changes and the samples I receive (mostly via Play! by Sephora). Both of my skin care routines are currently pretty consistent, though, so I thought it’d be a good time to write about them.

Today I’m discussing my morning skin care routine in the dead of winter‚ÄĒa time of year that requires moisturizing the hell out of my skin. I live in Washington DC and even with a humidifier running in the apartment, our place is still quite dry. In this weather, my skin will definitely look and feel tight and dry if I use a lighter moisturizer instead of a heavier one, so I’ve adjusted my routine accordingly.

If the above photo looks like a lot of products to use each morning…well, you’re not wrong. But I don’t use every single product every single day. Let’s go through each one:

So that’s how I generally treat my face in the morning these days. What does your winter morning skin care routine look like? Do you have any favorite skin care products that help kick start your day?

Stay tuned for a post about my winter nighttime skin care routine!