Summer FabFitFun Bonanza

My latest FabFitFun box allllmost arrived on my birthday. The package was initially supposed to arrive on my bday, but it got pushed back a day. That’s fine, I’ll still consider it my birthday box!

FabFitFun Summer 2019 Box

Before I proceed, I want to point out that this post is not sponsored. However, it does contain referral links to FabFitFun. So if you sign up for your own subscription using my links here, you’ll get $10 off your first box and I’ll receive a $15 credit to spend with FabFitFun! You can learn how the subscription works down at the bottom of this post.

My Summer 2019 box arrived packed with nine full sized items, not including my add-on. Guys…the items in my box have a total value of $451.95. I paid $52.99 for the box (including tax). I KNOW. It’s insane. Again, #notsponsored.

I selected two or three products from a few options beforehand, but box customization was awhile back so the only thing I remember picking was the kimono (which is super cute, BTW).


FabFitFun Summer 2019 products

The Face Masks

I’m going to start with the BIG ticket item: 111Skin Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask (Set of 5, $160 value). Yes, you read that correctly: five sheet masks valued at $160 total. So these masks cost $32 apiece…just two are worth more than I spent on this entire box. Though I haven’t tried the masks yet it’s safe to say I wouldn’t purchase them on my own…unless they make my dark spots magically disappear. Which I know won’t happen. Still, I’m very excited to try these masks, and it’s so awesome that FFF sent a five-pack rather than one mask.

111Skin Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Masks | FabFitFun

I was excited to see a wash-off mask from a new-to-me brand: Generation Clay Ultra Violet Brightening Purple Clay Mask ($39 value). Purple is my favorite color, so a purple mask that claims to brighten is exactly up my alley. The key ingredients are Davidson plum for brightening, desert lime for hydration and collagen stimulation, bentonite clay for purging impurities, and aloe vera for soothing.

Generation Clay Ultra Violet Brightening Purple Clay Mask | FabFitFun

I tried the mask and did not feel tingling, which the instructions said might occur. The mask has a pleasant, subtle floral scent; I left it on for ten minutes and the lavender color dried down to a very light, near-white. My skin looked clean and bright after washing the mask off, so I’m happy with it so far. The FFF magazine that came in the box said it can also be used as a spot treatment and for dark spot lightening, so I will try that for sure. This is a great mask to add to my ever-growing stash and I’m looking forward to using it more! Bonus: it’s cruelty-free!

Generation Clay brightening mask

The Foot Mask

You know I love a foot peel, but I’d never heard of an exfoliating foot mask before opening my box. FFF sent me the Whish Exfoliating Foot Mask ($32 value), which sounded very intriguing. All you do is rub this mask onto the soles of your feet, preferably before bed. Then let it dry, and rinse off in the morning. The foot mask contains papain (a papaya enzyme) and willow bark extract for exfoliation; pumpkin seed extract, orange fruit extract, and lemon fruit extract for polishing; and bromelain (a pineapple enzyme) and black tea leaf extract for soothing and smoothing.

Whish Exfoliating Foot Mask | FabFitFun

As you can see in the above photo, the foot mask is free of all sorts of nasties, and it’s cruelty-free! I decided to experiment a little and try this just on my right foot and compare it to my left. So far I’ve only tried the mask once, but I do think it made my right foot feel softer than my left foot. I’ll try it a couple more times on my right foot only and report back on Instagram. BTW, this mask smells very pleasantly coconutty.

Other Skin Care Goodies

I do love a face mist, so I was happy to receive one from another new-t0-me brand: Grace & Stella Rose Facial Spray ($25.95 value). This mist comes in an 8.11 oz bottle, which is quite large for a facial spray. You can use this mist as a refresher or as a makeup setting spray. It’s a little disappointing that the mist comes in a kinda cheap-feeling plastic bottle, but I’m sure that cuts down on the cost.

Grace & Stella Spray All Day Rose Spray | FabFitFun

The mist is pretty heavily scented, so if you don’t like the smell of roses, you won’t like this product. I do like the scent of rose, but scent teeters on the edge of being too much for me. I’m not 100% sold on this mist because of the strong scent, but it doesn’t irritate my skin so that’s positive. The mist comes out very fine, which I also like. And it’s cruelty-free as well!

The final skin care product in my box was the Doctor Rogers Restore Healing Balm ($30 value). Yet another brand I hadn’t heard of! Doctor Rogers bills this balm as a natural ointment that helps repair rashes, burns, cuts, dry skin, and more. They also say it can be used for post procedure healing. So I could have used this when I got a tattoo earlier this year! In my opinion, $30 for 0.5 oz is pretty steep, but the brand also sells a 4 oz tube for $66. Still pricey, but a better value. The ingredients list is short: castor seed oil, glycerin, and hydrogenated castor oil. And—you guessed it—the balm is cruelty-free.

Doctor Rogers Restore Healing Balm | FabFitFun

I haven’t used this balm much yet but I’m trying it out on some dry spots on my hands. The consistency is very thick (I’d say thicker than Aquaphor) and it has no discernable scent. I like that this is a multipurpose product, and I’ll certainly try it on my lips as well as cuticles and any scratches that might pop up. Would I spend $30 on a small tube of this? Not very likely.

The Lifestyle

As I mentioned, I do remember picking the Spiritual Gangster Maya Kimono ($60 value) during box customization. This thing is super cute! You know how much I love floral prints. I had thought of this as just a wear-around-the-house robe, but I could actually wear it out as a light layer. This piece isn’t super high quality; the seam inside one of the arm holes isn’t completely sewed down. And when I took the kimono out of the box it had a stray, detached thread hanging off of it. I’m hoping this piece holds up.

Spiritual Gangster Maya Kimono | FabFitFun

Another new-to-me brand and product is the Cuccio Somatology Yogahhh Cooling Spot Therapy ($39 value). This is a light cream that you apply to your temples or the back of your neck for a cooling sensation. It’s intended to relieve tension and stress. The product smells so good (if you like peppermint) and it really does feel cooling and soothing when you apply it. So far I’ve applied it a couple times before meditating and it adds an extra layer of relaxation to the experience. The product, like all the others in this box, is cruelty-free.

Cuccio Somatology Yogahhh! Cooling Spot Therapy | FabFitFun

The box also included this cute Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry Star Double Necklace ($50 value). I’ve been into gold jewelry lately and I’m a big fan of delicate pieces, so this is right up my alley!

Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry Star Double Necklace | FabFitFun

I wore the necklace out last night to dinner with a friend and I really like it. It’s adjustable, too, so you can make it work with a variety of necklines.

Jennifer Zeuner necklace

The last item in my box is the Invisibobble Original Duo Pack ($16 value). I was already curious about these hair ties. They’re supposed to be traceless, so they won’t leave those telltale kinks in your hair. I like that these are small, because my hair is so fine that I can’t use large hair ties. So far I’m not loving these, honestly. They do pull at my hair a bit and I’m afraid they’ll cause breakage. I’ll keep these for those times I really need something to put my hair up and can’t find something else, but I don’t think I’ll use them regularly.

Invisibobble Original Duo Pack | FabFitFun

The Add-On

For the first time, I ordered an add-on: the Meg Good Morning AM Mask and Good Night PM Mask Duo ($5 for a $10 value). I had referral credits (thanks to whoever used my referral link!!) so I used them to buy this add-on. More masks for my stash!!

Meg AM Mask and PM Mask

Final Thoughts

I’m thrilled with my box yet again! I think I’ll use most of these items quite a bit. I really appreciate that all of the skin care products are cruelty-free, and I believe most of the products are from woman-owned brands. It’s safe to say that FabFitFun knocked it out of the park with this box.

If you subscribe, what did you think of your summer box?

More About FabFitFun

FabFitFun is a seasonal lifestyle subscription box. Each quarterly shipment contains a mix of beauty, fitness, fashion, home, and wellness products. The boxes contain approximately eight FULL SIZED products valued at $200+, with the option to add discounted items to your shipment. Members have the option of customizing at least two or three of the items in each box.

Each seasonal box costs $49.99 including shipping in the continental US. Shipping costs $8 for subscribers in Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. If you use my referral link, you’ll get $10 off your first box (**Disclosure alert! I’ll get a $15 credit to FabFitFun if you sign up using my link**). If you’re ready to go all in, you can shave $5 off the price of each box by pre-paying a full year’s subscription for $179.99. Annual members receive Select status, which offers early shipping and extra box customization, among other perks. If you stick with the regular seasonal membership, FFF will bill you $49.99 quarterly when your box is about to ship.

NOTE: FabFitFun seasonal subscriptions auto-renew, so if you decide you’re done, you must cancel before your next billing date or you’ll get charged for the upcoming box.

There’s a lot of information about how FabFitFun works on their Membership FAQ page. In between seasonal boxes, they offer Editor’s Boxes and special one-off boxes. The website also has a ton of giveaways and exclusive offers for members, plus FabFitFun TV with videos on fitness, cooking, and more. If you’re ready to sign up, click here.