SDCC@Home haul
Fun Toys from the 2020 At-Home Comic-Con

Due to the pandemic, San Diego Comic-Con canceled its annual pop culture extravaganza for the first time in its 50-year history. 2020 would have been my twelfth consecutive year attending and I was disappointed, but it was absolutely necessary to cancel. In lieu of the usual in-person event, SDCC did a virtual “@Home” con with panels and a virtual exhibit hall to try to maintain some semblance of a con vibe.

Because we couldn’t go to San Diego, John and I did a more local getaway during this year’s SDCC dates, and I watched some panels and did some nerdy shopping from there. So I wanted to share my little haul!

SDCC@Home haul

Funko 2020 Exclusives

I’ve posted about Funko Pops! a million times on this blog. I started collecting them a few years back, and my collection continues to grow. Even with the con being virtual, Funko released some limited edition exclusives. When I saw that Anchorman Pops would be available, I wanted to try to get my hands on a couple of them. Though…I’m disappointed that they only offered four male character Pops (including two Rons) but no Veronica Corningstone. Veronica would certainly have fought to have her own Pop.

Funko specified a release date and time for their summer con exclusives, so I went online right at the appointed time and put Ron Burgundy and Brick Tamland in my cart. Then I waited…and waited…turns out, Funko’s online shopping system couldn’t handle the traffic (LOL…of course) and they were having issues with completing orders in a timely fashion. I kept checking Twitter and saw that tons of other people were having the same issue. After almost an hour and fifteen minutes, I managed to complete my order for the Pops! It’s not Comic-Con if you don’t experience at least some online stress.  😛 Ron and Brick arrived a couple weeks later and they’re so cute. Look at Brick’s little banana (that’s what she said…Michael Scott would be so proud of me). #pantsparty

Non-Exclusive, No Less Cool

I also ordered a couple Pops from a smaller vendor, Comic Central: Stephen King and Patrick Bateman. Stephen King will be a perfect addition to our shelf of his books. I think I’ll take him out of his box, but I like the blood splatter on Patrick Bateman’s packaging so I’ll probably leave him in there. Caged the way a killer like him should be.

Funko Pops

The Owls Are Not What They Seem

Another SDCC exclusive that I’m thrilled I managed to snag is the Icons of Twin Peaks bobblehead, which Entertainment Earth was selling. I didn’t even realize when I ordered it that it came with three enamel pins, too!

Twin Peaks Bobblehead box

How cool is this?!

Twin Peaks bobblehead and enamel pins


I’m including The Child with Cup Funko Pop in my SDCC haul, even though I pre-ordered this from Target in May and it had nothing to do with SDCC. It finally arrived around around when the rest of my SDCC goodies showed up, so the timing was pretty perfect. I also have the regular Baby Yoda Pop, but two of these little cuties are better than one. They’re both still boxed and I haven’t decided if I’ll remove one or both of them.

The Child with Cup Funko Pop

Buff(y) the COVID Slayer

Last but not least, I ordered an official SDCC Buff. I never buy official SDCC gear, but this virus doesn’t seem to be going anywhere and it can’t hurt to have more face coverings. I know this type of face covering is potentially not as effective as other types, but it’ll be good for going on walks or a quick trip in the car or something.


Here’s how the Buff looks on me:

SDCC Buff wear

That’s it for my Comic-Con @ Home haul! Online shopping is certainly not as fun as browsing all the Exhibit Hall booths in person, but at least I didn’t have to deal with crowds and lines. And I never try to get Funko exclusives at SDCC because it’s such a shitshow, so having the ability to try and successfully buy those online was a real treat! Even if the pandemic clears up by summer 2021, I’m curious if SDCC will do a more robust online component. We shall see!

Did you do any SDCC shopping this year?