The Vault Lipsticks, Lip & Cheek Stain

I’m still marveling over the amazingness that is the Urban Decay Game of Thrones Vault! It’s been in my possession for days now and I can’t get over it. I haven’t been this excited about new makeup in I don’t even know how long.

This post is all about the lip products inside the vault: four Vice Lipsticks and one Lip & Cheek Stain. All are sold individually (lipsticks are $19 apiece, lip & cheek stain is $26) but they’re currently sold out on Not to worry, though, because the collection is also coming to Ulta (online 4/29, in-store 5/2)and Sephora (I believe the same dates as Ulta).

Feast your eyes on these four stunning Vice Lipsticks! Left to right: White Walker, Sansa Stark, Cersei Lannister, and Daenerys Targaryen. I love the beautiful house-themed casing designs.

Urban Decay Game of Thrones Vault: Lipsticks

The Vault Lipstick Time

Let’s take a closer look at each lipstick, shall we? Swatch and wear photos are farther down in this post.

First up is White Walker, which is a gorgeous deep berry wine shade in a comfort matte formula. The bullet looks a little sweaty because it was pretty warm the day the Vault arrived, plus I took photos outside.

Urban Decay Game of Thrones Vault: Vice Lipstick in White Walker

Representing Winterfell is Sansa Stark, a warm peach nude in a sheer formula.

Urban Decay Game of Thrones Vault: Vice Lipstick in Sansa Stark

Over in King’s Landing is Cersei Lannister, a metallic bronze.

Urban Decay Game of Thrones Vault: Vice Lipstick in Cersei Lannister

And we can’t forget the Mother of Dragons, with a bright metallic red called Daenerys Targaryen. I took a closer shot of this one so you can see that sparkle in the bullet!

Urban Decay Game of Thrones Vault: Vice Lipstick in Daenerys Targaryen

Swatches! Top to bottom: White Walker, Sansa Stark, Cersei Lannister, and Daenerys Targaryen:

Urban Decay Game of Thrones Vault Vice Lipstick Swatches
Top to bottom: White Walker, Sansa Stark, Cersei Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen

As you can see, White Walker swatches a bit patchy, and it goes on the lips patchy as well. Dark shades can be hard to work with and this one is no exception, but I do love the shade and the formula is indeed comfortable.

White Walker Vice Lipstick
I’ve also been playing with the eyeshadows and eyeliners!

I like Sansa Stark on me more than I expected (that sounds a little odd to say, haha). I prefer more pink in my nudes (that’s what she said) but this peachy shade actually works quite well on me.

Sansa Stark Vice Lipstick

Cersei Lannister is my favorite of the bunch! Definitely not something I ever thought I’d say. 😛 I don’t think I’ve ever worn a lipstick shade quite like this one, but I absolutely love it. I’ll probably wear this a bunch at San Diego Comic-Con this summer.

Cersei Lannister Vice Lipstick

I also like Daenerys Targaryen more than I expected. The shade looked too bright for my taste, but it looks very pretty on the lips. The metallic finish is more subtle than Cersei’s, but it’s lovely.

Daenerys Targaryen Vice Lipstick

The Name Game

I’m quite curious how Urban Decay settled on these names for each lipstick shade. Did they pick the shades first and then name them, or did they select names and then come up with corresponding colors? The White Walker shade is not at all what comes to mind when I think of the undead army. Urban Decay is so well known for unusual colors that I’m surprised they didn’t throw a dark blue, gray, or icy blue lip in there.

The Sansa nude makes the most sense of the four, as the character is a fresh-faced beauty…but a nude also could have worked for Cersei Lannister due to her literal walk of shame. A bronzy gold metallic lip does make sense for Cersei, though, given her house’s love for gold. The bright red metallic Dany shade isn’t quite on point for her, I feel. Yes, the Targaryen banner is red and her dragons breathe fire, but the character herself is on the icy side and almost always wears cool or neutral tones.

Okay, enough geeking out about the lipsticks. Onward!

Lip & Cheek Stain

Urban Decay couldn’t leave out something for the cheeks! This Lip & Cheek Stain shade is called Dracarys, a word that spells impending fiery doom for anyone in the near vicinity. The stain is a unique addition to the Vault; I don’t believe Urban Decay offers any other stains like this.

Urban Decay Game of Thrones Vault: Lip & Cheek Stain in Dracarys

The stain reminds me of Benefit’s classic Benetint, though it comes in a dropper bottle rather than a bottle with a brush applicator.

Urban Decay Game of Thrones Vault: Lip & Cheek Stain dropper

I find this type of product a little hard to work with. The stain is pretty intense when you first apply it and you need to work quickly to blend it out. It shows up more on my cheeks than on my lips. I do like the pretty pink flush it gives my cheeks—I’m wearing it in all the pics above except for the Cersei lipstick one.

I’m super happy with the lipsticks overall. Not one of the four is a dud for me—they’re all surprisingly wearable. It is SO much fun playing with all of the Vault makeup! I’ll definitely wear some of this makeup to Awesome Con next weekend.  🙂


This post is not an ad, nor did I receive the products for free in exchange for writing about it. I bought the collection on my own and am simply excited about it!