1. Haunted House Cookie Kit: I saw Jessica Chobot from Bizarre States post a pic of this completed “gingerbread” haunted house and immediately had to have one for myself! I tried to find it at Target in St. Louis but they didn’t have it; fortunately I was able to find it on Target.com for about $15.50 including shipping. My husband and I are going to build this little house together and I cannot wait!!

2. Halloween M&M’s: while hunting for the haunted cookie house kit at Target I found some Halloween M&M’s that I obviously needed: Cookies & Screem and White Pumpkin Pie. So far I’ve had the Cookies & Screem ones and they taste just like Oreos! To be honest, White Pumpkin Pie sounds a little weird but I am game for trying them regardless. This post will definitely not be the last from me about Halloween candy this year.  🙂

3. Sonia Kashuk Shine Luxe Lip Color: I guess I kinda went to town while at Target in St. Louis (though I actually didn’t spend all that much). While I was wandering the aisles I remembered that the House of Cards makeup artist uses a Sonia Kashuk lip color called Sheer Pink Lust on Claire Underwood (Robin Wright). The shade looks lovely on her and seems to be pretty universal, so I decided to pick one up for myself. This is a nice, glossy light pink that comes in a tube that feels fairly luxurious for an affordable product (it’s $10.99). I can confirm that the shade works well on me, and I will get a lot of use out of it for sure!

4. Amethyst: I found a bunch of crystals literally collecting dust in a corner of my parents’ basement, so I liberated this gorgeous hunk of amethyst and brought it back to DC with me. The amethyst, which I believe might be my brother’s, is now hanging out on my desk. Amethyst is said to be a calming, meditative stone that can promote patience—something I could definitely use. I’ve been wanting to get some crystals because I love surrounding myself with beautiful things…so this fit the bill without me having to spend a dime!

5. Blue Q Socks: everyone knows about my love for silly socks, and my mom left this pair sitting on my bed for me at home when I arrived in town for my visit last week. Quite apropos, Mom…you know me so well! 🙂