My New Favorite Thing: Urban Decay Game of Thrones Vault

Never in my life have I wanted to buy a full makeup collection before I even knew what was in it…or even to buy a full makeup collection at all. But when Urban Decay announced a Game of Thrones collection was coming, I knew I would buy ALL OF IT.

Once Urban Decay released details on the collection, I was still all in. So I set an alarm to make sure I was up in time for the 3am EDT launch this past Sunday. There was confusion and panic because the Urban Decay website made it appear they had released early and that everything was sold out. But I kept refreshing the Vault page and at 3:05am it became available. So I snagged one immediately!! My years of prepping to buy San Diego Comic-Con badges and getting up early to go to con panels did right by me.

When I got up for real four hours later, the Vault was sold out, as were many of the items sold individually. I hear the Vault sold out in minutes, though I don’t know if that’s true. This thing is not cheap: the price tag is $250. I guarantee I’ll see people selling it at a premium at San Diego Comic-Con this summer. It’s currently going for upwards of $400 on eBay…ugh.

Nice Package

The Vault landed on my doorstep this past Thursday and I tore right into it. This thing is huge, and it is glorious, as you see above.

Because The Vault contains so many goodies, I’m not going to cover all of it in one post. Otherwise this post would be as long as the wait for The Winds of Winter. I’ve been geeking out SO FUCKING HARD over this collection and have taken more than 100 photos of it already. I think I’ll end up writing three posts about the Vault. So, just like winter, more Vault posts are coming.

This first post is a packaging appreciation post. Urban Decay put so much thought into this collection and the Vault packaging itself. I did an impromptu unboxing on my Instagram Stories and archived it on my profile if you want to see/hear my first impressions as I opened it.

As seen above, the Vault box comes in a matching sleeve with details on the back about what’s inside. When you open the lid, you’re treated to a gorgeous buffet of Game of Thrones makeup; under the lid is a quote from the Mother of Dragons herself, Daenerys Targaryen.

Let’s take a closer look at the full set, which contains (deep breath) one eyeshadow palette, four lipsticks, four eyeliners, one highlighter palette, two eyeshadow brushes, and a lip and cheek stain. Thirteen pieces in all!

*angels singing or playing the harp or whatever*

The eyeshadow palette is rather large and is printed with the same Iron Throne motif as the Vault case.

The eyeshadow palette opens to reveal a large mirror on one side and the same Dany quote on the other.

When you pull the little black tab on the side with the quote, a freaking Iron Throne pops up. I mean…is this packaging extra or what?!?!

Hello, I am Iron Throne.
The Brush Details

We’ll cover the eyeshadow palette shades in a later post. Now, let’s take a moment to admire the amazing details on the two eyeshadow brushes!! First, we have Jon Snow’s Longclaw:

The Ghost direwolf pommel detail is incredible! Those red eyes! I DIE.

The other brush is Arya Stark’s Needle:

The detail on Needle is also amazing! Both brushes feel quite hefty for their size. I will not use either of these; they’re for admiration purposes only.

There’s one more item in the Vault that is entirely too pretty to use: the Mother of Dragons Highlight Palette. You could not pay me to touch those perfect dragon eggs. Also? That holographic packaging around the edges…OMG.

Drogon, Viserion, Rhaegal

I suppose I could buy a highlighter palette to use and then keep one just to look at. But I honestly don’t need more highlighters, so I’ll just open this and peek at the eggs now and then.

Please do stay tuned for more posts about the Game of Thrones Vault. I’ll have more product shots and swatches coming at ya soon!


This post is not an ad, nor did I receive the products for free in exchange for writing about it. I bought the collection on my own and am simply excited about it!