Holiday Treat Time

1. Christmas Eve Spread: John and I don’t do much for Christmas, but this year we decided to have a couple other non-celebrators over for munchies and drinks. We of course went way overboard on the amount of food we provided for a total of four people. The below pic is just some of what we put out to snack on! We’re still grazing on our Christmas Eve munchies and probably will be for a few more days.

2. Wines! We couldn’t have a holiday gathering without wine. In addition to a mulled wine that I made with a Tempranillo, we offered up these three reds. We only opened the Pinot Noir on Christmas Eve but it was quite good. We drank the Barolo the next night and loved it! John found the Barolo at Trader Joe’s for about $20 and we would like to buy more of it. Yum!

3. Holiday Cookies: the night before our gathering I made some cut-and-bake sugar cookies for us to decorate. These are a few of the cookies I decorated…with mixed results. I think my Christmas tree and my menorah turned out the best. I also attempted to draw a Star of David and the DC flag. Not pictured: a cookie decorated with a pentagram, because pagans need some holiday love too.

4. Blaq Hydrogel Eye Masks: this week I tried my first set of the eye patches that I received in my winter FabFitFun box. And I liked them! I’m proud of myself for remembering to put a packet of them in the fridge when I got up in the morning so I could get some extra cooling sensation. These masks adhere very well to the skin and feel so refreshing. I don’t remember being particularly puffy the morning I tried them, so I can’t say whether they depuff as advertised.

5. Hitting Pan: I so rarely hit pan on makeup. Despite having quite a collection, I don’t wear it daily. So imagine my surprise when I hit pan on the shade “Vanilla” (top left corner in the pic) in my Smashbox #SHAPEMATTERS palette! Vanilla is basically my skin tone, so I use it when I want a bit of a no makeup makeup look. Hitting pan feels like such an accomplishment!

So dusty, so much falllout…