Some Influences, Some Favorites

One of the best times of the year is happening this week! Sephora is currently running a 20% off event for Rouge members; VIB Members and Beauty Insiders get 15% and 10% off, respectively, from 8/30 through 9/3. More details here! I bought two things in-store the day the sale kicked off, and I ordered the rest online. When my package arrived I decided to make a video sharing my summer 2018 Sephora discount haul! Please check it out, then read more on my haul below. I really gotta try not to say “um” so much in my videos. Gotta love my derpy video thumbnail, too. 😛

My Complete Haul

Let’s jump into it and take a look at all of the items I purchased:

Summer 2018 Sephora 20% off haul
I unintentionally went with a purple and green theme.

Here’s a list of my latest Sephora haul items:

The In-Store Purchases

The Norvina eyeshadow palette is a new release from Anastasia Beverly Hills and beauty geeks have been going apeshit over it. I’ve never bought an ABH palette before; Modern Renaissance and Soft Glam are a little too warm for my taste and the shades in Subculture are not my jam either. I wasn’t in love with Norvina’s shades when I first saw the palette, but as I heard more and more people talk about it I decided why the hell not try it at a discount. I’m easily influenced.  😛 And so far I’m VERY happy I bought it. How beautiful is this palette?

Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Eyeshadow Palette

The shadows are incredibly soft and the shimmer shades are especially buttery. When I first opened the palette I noticed that Volatile was a teensy bit chipped in the corners, therefore I wouldn’t travel with this palette. I’d be afraid the shadows would break in transit. No big deal—it’s not a good travel size, anyway. I don’t know how much I’ll use Eccentric and Passion, because they’re the two warmest shades, but I think I’ll get good use out of the rest.

Take a look at the non-shimmer shades swatched on my arm:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Eyeshadow Palette swatches

And here are swatches of the shimmer shades, some of which (Summer, Rose Gold, and Dazzling) offer a stunning foiled effect:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Eyeshadow Palette swatches

Just for funsies I made a short video with KiraKira+ app sparkles overlaid on the glittery shadow swatches:

I used the palette to do my eyes for my video and I was happy with how the look turned out. The periwinkle shade, Soul, is a little patchy when applied with a brush, but finger application gives good color payoff (which tends to be true for eyeshadows in general). Bonus: the double-ended brush that comes with the palette is pretty good. The shadows definitely have fallout, so do your eyes first and clean up before doing your face. And don’t forget to tap excess shadow off the brush before applying!

I first heard about Urban Decay’s new Lo-Fi Lip Mousse from an Instagram friend. It sounded intriguing but I wanted to test it out in person before buying. So I swatched a few shades on my hand and decided to buy Boom, described as a plum purple with red micro-shimmer.

Urban Decay Lo-Fi Lip Mousse in Boom

This is SUCH a cool lip product. It comes in a small compact with a mirror and a sponge tip applicator, the end of which springs out when you open the lid. Boom is sort of like a more intense Black Honey with shimmer. How beautiful is this color swatch on my arm?

Urban Decay Lo-Fi Lip Flip Mousse in Boom - swatch

After I filmed my video I tried the Lip Mousse on, and I LOVE this color on me. It’s going to be an excellent fall lip color. The shimmer leans ever-so-slightly metallic, which gives the shade a bit of an edge. I used a clean finger to apply the product; it went on feeling more powdery than mousse-y. Because of the powdery consistency I can see my lips getting a bit dry, so I’ll make sure to keep a lip balm handy when I wear I this product. Who am I kidding…I always have a lip balm handy.Wearing Norvina and Urban Decay Lip Mousse in Boom

The Online Purchases

I have a mini jade roller already but also wanted to get a double-ended version. Is having both the ultimate in bougie living? Asking for a fr….ah, never mind. 😛 This Herbivore jade roller is SO GORGEOUS. I confess that I am green with jade roller envy (sorry) every time I scroll through Instagram. I also like the rose quartz rollers, but Herbivore’s version costs $10 more than the jade. So, jade it is for me. Popping the roller in the fridge will make for an extra soothing facial massage on super hot days like today. Facial rollers are supposed to help reduce wrinkles and depuff the face, while jade itself is said to reduce stress. And I think the ritual of facial massage is quite relaxing. Self care, baby!

Herbivore Jade Facial Roller

As Game of Thrones fans know, winter is coming. My skin gets very dry in the winter and I would like to get a good nighttime moisturizer to keep flaky skin at bay. I really liked the Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream that I used last winter, but it’s always fun to try new products. I was curious about The Water Cream from Tatcha but wasn’t quite ready to spend the money on a full sized jar. Fortunately this Pore-Perfecting Moisturizer & Cleanser Duo exists! In my video I said the cleanser was an oil, but I was totally wrong—it’s a gel with fruit extracts for exfoliation. Both the cleanser and cream smell about the same: a fresh, pleasant scent. I’ll try the cream for the next few nights, then decide if I want to buy it full sized before the discount ends.

Tatcha Pore-Perfecting Moisturizer & Cleanser Duo
Tatcha’s packaging always gets an A+, even with minis.

Beauty community friends also influenced me to buy the Milk Makeup Kush High Volume Mascara. People are raving about it—but as I said in my video, I’ve also heard it’s quite a wet formula. The mascara contains cannabis oil for conditioning and thickening lashes. The formula also has heart-shaped fibers that are supposed to provide volume, length, and curl. This one sounds like a pretty high tech product; plus, it’s vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and paraben-free. I’m working my way through another mascara at the moment so I’m not ready to crack this one open yet—I’m a one-mascara-at-a-time woman—but I am VERY CURIOUS.

Milk Makeup Kush High Volume Mascara

So that’s it! I didn’t include product photos of the deodorant and sunscreen because those are staples I restocked. The total damage? $164.58 including tax. Not toooooooo terrible. I had a Sephora gift card with about $11 left on it, so I put that toward my in-store purchase of Norvina and the Lip Mousse. I’m super stoked about all of my purchases! We’ll see if I like the Tatcha Water Cream enough to drop additional money on it; otherwise I’m going to try my very best not to spend any more money at the moment!

Event Details:

Offer can be redeemed online once or as many times as you want in-store. Offer valid for both US and CA.

And the all-important offer codes:

  • Rouge get 20% off purchases. Use code YESROUGE
  • VIB get 15% off purchase. Use code YESVIB
  • Insiders get 10% off. Use code YESINSIDER

Have you bought anything yet during the Sephora Beauty Insider Appreciation Event? If you’re not Rouge, have you already plotted what you’re doing to buy with your discount this weekend?