Dragon Beauty, Cat Birthday, Beach Balls, and more

1. Wet n Wild Fire Dragon vs. Ice Dragon: when I heard that Wet n Wild was coming out with a Game of Thrones-inspired collection I knew I had to get my hands on at least some of it. My local drugstores aren’t the best at stocking the hottest new beauty products, so I was surprised to spot this collection at Walgreens this week! The display was down on a bottom shelf where I almost completely missed it. I immediately picked up the two brushes and the blue highlighter (shade: Halo Walkers). I don’t even want to use the highlighter because it’s SO beautiful that I don’t want to mess it up! I’ll definitely use the dragon scale-handled brushes, though. How cute is this stuff?? Bonus: it’s vegan and cruelty-free!

I must admit I’m very proud of this photo.

2. Walter Turns 19: our guy Walter turned a young 19 years old this week! Even though I had his birthday written down in my calendar, I still somehow forgot about it until about 4pm. And then I felt like the worst cat mom for remembering so late in the day! Not that he cared—he had a typical awesome day of lounging around. We made it a point to give him extra treats and pets that night.

3. CityCenter DC: I found myself near this luxury shopping complex the other day so I swung by to take pics of their summer beach ball installation. I hadn’t been by there in awhile! It’s so fun that they deck their airspace with festive seasonal decor.

4. A Good Bathroom Wallpaper: John and I ended up at Morris American Bar for a couple drinks one night this week. I’d been wanting to check the place out—I follow it on Instagram and it looks so beautifully designed. Their bathrooms had absolutely beautiful wallpaper, so I snapped this pic inside one of them. I definitely want to go back and try more of their cocktails.

5. Operation Boob Smash: because I turned 40 this summer it was time to schedule my first mammogram. I’m trying to stay on top of getting regular health checkups. Adulting! Overall the experience was totally fine. The process wasn’t super comfortable—the machine literally smashes your boobs down—but it wasn’t painful for me. It helped that the facility was nice (which photos of orchids lining the hallways!) and the staff was friendly. Fingers crossed that everything will look good when I get the results.

The boob smasher