1. Westworld: I know I’ve included this show in a previous Friday Five, but I was so into it that now that season one has ended I have to mention it again. The show certainly isn’t perfect, but I felt utterly transported every time I watched it and I can’t wait to see what season two has in store for us…in 2018 (AGH! So far away!)


2. Hamilton Mixtape: I haven’t seen Hamilton because tickets are a bajillion dollars, but I bought the soundtrack awhile back and it’s pretty much the only music I listen to these days (I’m not much of a music person). So when the mixtape came out I had to have it. And it’s awesome!


3. Embryolisse Lait-Cr√®me Concentr√©: I have been loving the sample I received of this cult favorite in my October¬†Birchbox, so I ordered a full sized (30 ml) tube to help keep my skin moist this winter. I spent $16 on the smaller tube, but there’s also a 75 ml tube available for $28. Side note: my hand looks oddly smooth and silky in this photo, but I swear I didn’t do any photoshopping or filtering! I’ll chalk it up to the right lighting.


4. Marcelle 3-in-1 Micellar Solution: I’ve been wanting to keep¬†a micellar water on hand to clean my face at night because I like having options‚ÄĒwhat I use¬†to remove the day from my face¬†depends on my mood and level of fatigue before bed (aka how lazy I’m feeling). I received a sample of Marcelle Micellar Solution in my April 2016 Birchbox and I found that it did a really good job of removing stubborn eye makeup, so I decided to buy a full sized bottle of it ($21 at Birchbox). Here’s to choice at the end of the night!


5. Green-Wood: I guess I’m feeling repetitive this week because I’ve also talked about this place in a Friday Five before, but last weekend my husband and I took a stroll through Green-wood, a beautiful and historic cemetery not far from our apartment. It’s lovely there any time of year, but fall is especially nice because of all the colors.